Never Underestimate Your Opponent Principle at Work / Boaz Aviram

One of the principles of success in a hand to hand combat self defense confrontation is to never underestimate your opponent! In a split second of surprise you simple have no time to assess who your opponent is and what are his capabilities. Therefore you need develop your chain of defense based on maximum efficiency. 

The aforementioned was already done and perfected in Pure Krav Maga...  Always take the most efficient route to reach your opponent pressure points first to control him!

Once you've realized you are in danger you need to deal the cards in your favor. Once the opponent had crossed the lines of your human rights moving into your personal space i.e. territory, or put his hands on you in a manner that is threatening or harming or with the intent to harm, or moved in a threatening speed to cause impact on your body, you are acting in self defense!

You need to reach his pressure points to control him first! The only time you need to use deflection first or leverage first is when you see a possible impact from your opponent's limbs or body directed towards yours! You will use leverage first when your airways are blocked , or your motion and reach are restricted by a hold that keeps you out of reach.

Just because your opponent had chosen grappling, does not mean it suits you! Your opponent had probably estimated that he can take you down and control you starting with grappling. That does not mean that he will not use impact later. You might have to start using leverage tactics to escape your off balance under control position but aim to reach a soft and vital pressure point for distraction and severe bodily harm with possible death. 

Your only option is to respond to the first available pressure point you can reach. Your common sense and training goes both ways. You will hit in a maximum force or modified force depending or not if you have the time to assess the scenario. Most of the times assume if someone attacked you he did the estimating job for you and determined you were weaker. 

He also crossed the lines of your personal freedom and rights to live free of humiliation and bodily harm. If you have the time to assess a plan how you can surely prevent this to escalate to a point where you cannot control your safety then do so. Otherwise, you do your best in the most efficient way to maximize your success!

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