Psychology of Pure Krav Maga / Boaz Aviram

Do I want an instructor that tries to make a tough face that tells me this is a technique against a knife just do it until you get better and keep training forever...? Do I want an instructor that will teach me punching , blocks as techniques(sequence of deflection and counter attacks)only? Not really! I want one that will make me drill them, and tell me how the drill relates and differentiate from a realistic scenario. 

What is a realistic scenario? Its where someone that does not like you tries to really hurt your pressure points by surprise. When you are drilling the training partners know what is about to happen. Instructors that demonstrate fully extended motion impact attack on their students happen to do it in too far of a distance. 

If their students mimic them in their drills, they end up blocking non challenging attack successfully. They think they are OK and when reality wakes them and they get hurt, analysis explains that they had many bad habits of inefficiency and had no clue what could be wrong.

It is very important to understand the limitations of training drills and explain it to the students.  As well you need to drill your student in variety of tailored drills that will cover all the aspects of mimicking reality. Reality can never be mimicked by one drill! At the same time you need to drop drills that waste your students time taking the time for more important drills.

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