Extrapolated Simplicity You never Fathomed! / Boaz Aviram

Immi's simple principles of Impact over Push and Pull and the increasing the efficiency of the impact through maintaining sufficient accelerations and shifting of weight at the right moment are just putting you on the right track. But to race in that track universally its up to you or your instructor! As you apply Pure Krav Maga Principles into your tactical navigation skills and execute the few limited but comprehensive drilling methods the average or above average student tend to get lost and concentrate on the physical mechanics of the motion and later on the what is next sequence of combinations not paying attention to each impact blow or kick or sequence.

So while shadow boxing as a drill you are honing your simple split second efficient mastery of taking advantage of the one in a lifetime opportunity drop punch knockout or cross hand KO if the opponent dodged the first one. You also hone your navigational approach from various angles in tight spaces advancing near the enemy but evading the reach of his arms and legs. If you constantly maintain the same spacing in your pace as you move to all directions and good use of your torso to balance your kicks and your rear leg to balance your over the front foot weight shift or your rear hip driving forward to enhance the cross plow with its weight you are on track! So simple of a drill but so many elements that drive multiple errors. And if you keep up trying without correcting each one of them you are becoming master of bad habits and doomed to failure!

So if only you ensured that whether drop punch, cross, hook, uppercut, knife hand strike or elbows you kept shifting the weight at the right moment in the right direction with the right body parts during shadow boxing which is a drill to enhance your combat motion to become efficient in advancing and reaching your opponents pressure points from all directions possible efficiently and swiftly and bringing the blow or kick in the correct angle supported with the maximum weight shift without compromising your ability to change course quickly after you are done just in case you need a second chance you would be all right!

But when your students demonstrate good single punching as they learn to hit the mitt but lose track as they swing their bodies in shadowboxing, you have a lot of work to do. Simply correct students on the spot until their brains and bodies think in unison on every split second motion they execute! The whole training in Pure Krav Maga is the Biggest Pressure Test of All.

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