Pure Krav Maga Difference Lies in its Intensity / Boaz Aviram

Principles come from Immi the Genius! Training method comes from Eli Avikzar conforming to the Israel Defense Force Intensive Training Methods including proper angle demonstration, Impressive action view, breakdown into training steps, correction and physical manipulation.

While I never thought too much into it, and got all my knowledge from both Eli and Immi, it is obvious to me now that probably the following scenarios are possible: Immi was teaching in a slower pace in the IDF and after he left, under Eli Avikzar a more intensive training step method was developed, and I perfected it. However, When Eli left the IDF he reverted to a more vague training steps but went into in depth comments to his selected students.

Perhaps you can say he reverted to Immi's civilian and IDF training methods, and perhaps both slowed it down a bit. One way or another the civilian curriculum evidently demonstrated a journey into staged art of deliberating principles but never drilling them too much in depth or following up and maintaining quality control.

Perhaps it was the large amount of people in all levels that slowed down the already watered down process and one dictated the pace for the other and vice versa... But the IDF had large classes as well and Krav Maga used to be more top notched technical and methodological training system!

The Intensive original IDF training method comprised of walking through and drilling all the details that can be controlled in as soldiers get close to the H2H range giving them compete understanding of the visible and invisible elements of the process and drilling them to reach sufficient fluidity and react properly. This includes reading the opponent's body and capabilities by his body positions and prioritizing all the possibilities to what can come before the other according to what is possible time wise. 

Lunging generating impact, leverage to hit and not get hit reaching the opponent's pressure points first to control him! At the same time you are looking at civilian Krav Maga drilling only few aspects of the method such as techniques or few drills and warm up of course! 

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