Are Martial Arts Suitable for Combat? /Boaz Aviram

Are martial arts such as bjj/mma are ancient and mystical when it comes to combat?

You are comparing apples to oranges. The names Jujitsu in 2017 is not what it was back in the Samurai if it was indeed used back then. What you get now in Jujitsu and again depending which branch is totally different training and time span.

In addition over the years some people were able to extract the principles and training methods and solidify them for the purpose of faster learning. MMA is a sport. You can use any sport for fighting including football, and you can use any object as a weapon. 

The question how effective it is when you have a normal human with unwashed brains who has a fear you will reach his pressure points and is eager to reach your pressure points and a desire to kill you not to put up a sort of a career sportsmen. 

Pure Krav Maga in a way is a Martial Art. At the same time sports martial arts became totally far off than martial arts as you do not go to war with MMA sports mentality of using the sports of boxing BJJ and Muay Thai. 

Not that they are bad training, but there are many loop holes. Henry ford had good cars, but men became much more efficient in technology since his time. As for the martial arts, the human body has not changed much, but in the western world there was never much wish nor brain to improve the fast learning and test it.

But really do you want to use MMA for self defense? If it takes forever to get good habits and it takes triple the time to get rid of bad habits!!! Do you really want to take a chance with sports habits for a split second error that can cost you your life?

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