What H2H Training Systems are Out there? / Boaz Aviram

What training systems have a comprehensive effective training using realistic drilling mimicking the most challenging all types of hand to hand combat attacks?
Its good that you learn good skills. Good skills acquired through hands on trial and error. But what are hand to hand combat skills? Well its about seeing all the possibilities of reaching an opponent's pressure points first before they reach yours, and controlling them. 

How do you approach that? You prioritize in how and which you reach them in the minimum amount of time and train how to block these possible scenarios. Fighting sports are usually either very limited to one form of competitive skills such as punching, or grappling, or fencing, or less limited like Muay Thai, or MMA. But they are still traditional sports that are practiced with the same training methods without ever seeing the whole picture of hand to hand combat. 

Since they do not prioritize in reaching any available pressure point first in any possible method, they never get a solid opportunity to have a challenging realistic hand to hand combat training partner. What about stand up martial arts? Well these are the dangerous ones as they do not spar much. 

They might deal with soft pressure points but might devise unsafe approach methods against impact attack and grappling as they do not foresee the speed and follow up motion of a challenging opponent. In addition, they spend too much time such as years of training rehearsing either few aspects of reaching pressure points directly or indirectly, or how to get points by temporarily effecting an opponent's agreed upon pressure points skipping the obvious easy to destroy first and fast ones.

In a way its like rehearsing the alphabet without ever putting much of sentences but perhaps some fiction and definitely never putting a realistic story.  Even in hand to hand combat training system the sparring has to be modified. But instead of getting control over the opponent in a knock out, or painful verge of limb detachment, or passing out, the instant prioritization of ability to reach the most available pressure point sufficient to lead the fight in the chain of defense and from there be always in control to one's fate it what counts. 

And most of the time the way and the method can cause too much of a danger and need to hospitalization to carry out to the end. So soft pressure points are indeed used lightly for distraction but there is no point to mix sports and non sports martial arts, so after a throat light jab the fight is stopped. Since the throat jab is so light the training partner could recuperate in few seconds. There is no reason however to wait and then knock him out with a gloved fist to prove a point. 

The point is proven, he could have been out of commission if that throat jab was executed in uncontrolled fashion. This is just one example of the complex web of tactical navigation and prioritization in hand to hand combat training.

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