Jujitsu and Hand to Hand / Boaz Aviram

Jujitsu is one of the oldest names used for H2H fighting in Western Dictionaries. It is the basis or at least a large component of many H2H fighting training systems. Part of the problem of when it works and when it does not, lies in what is learned and taught.  Major components to success lie in prioritizing striking pressure points over leverage. 

Leverage however can be used to easily finish an opponent with impact to the ground or neck break or strangulation if possible when the opponent is not in a position that he can counter with a strike or manipulation of a soft pressure point. In the old jujitsu, manipulation of soft pressure points are common. 

Also , anything works against something less efficient. The key is training and drilling against most efficient opponents and extracting the theory of how they fight and test what are the key elements of their fighting abilities. If you do not do that, you will have to spar, fight and perhaps kill anyone in the world to be sure that you have exhausted your training potential. 

So most dojos of most martial arts that are sort of popular had developed a lax philosophy about what is a challenging attack and about the drilling of self defense. So if the impact attacks are not challenging then the restraining techniques would easily work.In various Mixed Martial Arts and organized no bares held tournaments it was proved that Jujitsu masters fame came through prioritizing Impact over restraining leverage. 

It was apparent also that they did not tell their own students what they were doing as they did not incorporate it in their schools training methods. But the restraining leverage part of their fights was only necessity to dissuade their opponent from continuing. Of course the impact they had used did not kill but just caused enough distracting pain, and of course when it comes to self defense if you don't have to kill someone and restrain him instead it would be your choice. 

But if two opponents are using impact for distraction and then restraint for finish what then? Sounds like the golden solution to curb violence but what if the attacker really wants to kill you? His impact would be devastating and If he intended to kill you with impact, he would also intend to kill you with restraining techniques. Why take chances then? What if obviously you are not in the same gender and weight and might category? Then your prioritization would be to kill and not to get killed!

Now do you think most Martial Arts Students are aware of all of this? I would think they are preoccupied with their training partners and training drills....

Its not that you cant call a H2H fighting system Jujitsu, but it is because many people already called various sports Jujitsu, H2H name tried to depict a different game. Of course you can say that many H2H systems are no different than the average Jujitsu mentality. Jujitsu however is a great game that give confidence for training partners not to fear grappling contact and training in falling, rolling, restraining techniques escapes, and getting a feel of what it really feels like to have your limbs or airways slowly brought to pain and the verge of irretrievable damage.   It is the stuff you never get to feel however is the most dangerous one.  Surely it might give a kid a first time sensation of what it feels like to be choked if he did not already get it in the street and probably prompt him to do something about it.

But for the purpose of learning and balance in the material learned it is an overkill for H2H. If you stock your sources in the wrong balance, your formula would be wrong.

Now you can still argue that having the practice of years in taking out of balance throwing and restraining, drilling the push and pull change of directions is a very valuable fighting skill.  That is true!  But you can say the same thing about Impact.  You can say that people compensate with different skills those skills they do not have....  

That is true as well. You can hurt people and defend yourself in various ranges. But prioritizing is the key elements of success, and the balance of your your skill is second to none as it is part of prioritization.  

Finally, if you do hear these terminology of prioritization and balance of impact and push and pull in your Jujitsu school, aside from being bogged down with Japanese or Brazilian Terminology, you have a chance you might be learning good self defense skills.  But do not forget you need to have sufficient impact (punching and kicking) skills in your school to provide challenging training partners!

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