Combat Sports and Pure Krav Maga Comparative Curriculum / Boaz Aviram

The key in a comparative for the training time and skills required to become a good boxer or grappler and Pure Krav Maga for self defense is the following points:
Understanding at the commencement of the training that the key is to reach your opponent's pressure points before he reaches yours to be used to control him with pain and destruction, and at the same time avoid situations where an opponent can reach your pressure points first.

This would be accomplished with awareness, prompt reaction(being thorough in the limits of reaction time),efficient reaction through prioritization of the most imminent split second danger vs. the lesser of.

Elimination of unnecessary unrelated fitness and navigation around the human body without specific purpose of self defense.

Elimination of more than 50 percent of moves that will only work against a much lesser efficient opponent.

Detailed broken down and put together techniques to avoid developing bad habits which take longer to get rid of.

While different people have different learning qualities the Pure Krav Maga Curriculum is tailored to the average Military age Individuals so giving it enough time to drill all aspects of it necessary in each hour of training to a group of about 20 students. 

The easy one week curriculum of about 21 hours to drill the techniques and specific drills net of warm up time is repeated 3 times in a 3 week course which includes lesson evaluations and many rehearsals. Reducing the students in the class to half or less gives the opportunity to an expert intense learning in a third of the time. Published material such as detailed book and training DVD set gives the students endless opportunity to hone their skills at their will on their own at their own time.

The key is to learn the exact correct roadmap to Hand to Hand Combat, so you do not waste your time steering away from the core.

When you do grappling or impact sports however you do get more physical fitness however and more endurance. But imagine if you spent the training time doing something more specific for to kill or not to get killed ? You would get the same fitness and would never be tempted to prolonged the wasted life saving time!

In the following link you can see the Pure Krav Maga Curriculum sessions List! Session 1-24 about an hour each including some warm up sections. In the first 3 session you will see the training steps for the punching(the first sessions was a front kick so the second or third must be punching) This is live sessions for how you teach it in a short time. As you move in the sessions you see the rest of the puzzle: Israel Defence Force Pure Krav Maga Curriculum

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