How can you tell if what you are learning is real self defense or crap /Boaz Aviram

If your expectations are low, anything goes! Do you expect someone to teach you how to defend yourself in how long? Your Objective should be realistic. Krav Maga Reputation sounds promising as the Israel Defense Force is known to devise the shortest and intensive courses possible. Krav Maga Instructors in the IDF was allotted three weeks. But, soldiers would learn from 6 hours, 12 hours , 24 hours of training to a three week which consisted of the 21 hour core curriculum, rehearsals, lesson evaluation, testing and extra fighting fitness. 

So here we go:
Whether you are taking a 1 hour demo of pressure points and methods of manipulating them, 3 hours of added drills of generating impact with punching and kicking, 6 hours with added blocking techniques, 12 hours with added use of a knife and bare hands vs. knife, or any other variety you need to consider the following elements to use your judgment for the course evaluation.

First, the Presentation of the course, the techniques, and training drills and their purpose:  Did you get a good understanding of what is Self Defense all about and how its done? Do you understand you need to reach your opponent's pressure points first before its too late as you would get distracted by someone manipulating your own pressure points? Did you get a good understanding that there actually is a methodology for knowing who will get hit first and will continue to get hit until done?

Well its about awareness, reaction time, being able to either reach your opponent's pressure points first, or reach foil his attempt to reach your pressure points by being aware of his capabilities, limitation and knowing when its too late to even try, and blocking, deflecting and moving out of the way on time in the constraint of the human reaction time.

Did you learn how to generate impact with your arms and legs for punching elbowing, kicking and kneeing? Did you learn how to get in and out of the hot zone and drilled it for punching, kicking and blocking combining the invisible but crucial element of reaction time.

Did you learn how to generate maximum impact understanding the physics of the force of impact acceleration of your limbs, shifting your mass in the direction of the desired impact, and maintaining the speed and weight shift during contact with the target passing it 3 to 5 inches?

Did you learn the differences in the theory of using an edged weapon or a blunt weapon or using bare hands such as natural addition of extended reach, lesser need to use mass shift and to generate speed?

Did you learn that if you are standing in the hotzone  continuing to  hit your opponent  in attempt to control him and he recuperates and come to hit you back you are doing something not so efficient?  If you are not sure why, refer to all the aforementioned material...Its all there broken down for you. All you need is to move forward combining the elements and if you stumble go back and break them down so you can find them and match them in the right spot of the puzzle!

Lets say if someone grabbed me while I am standing, sitting, or lying down because I let him, and managed to manipulate my limbs bringing me to a controlled position and then hitting me, choking me or dislocating my arm, wrist knee or neck or using gravity for impact by throwing me on my shoulder, wrist, head, knee causing me a lot of pain, or unknowingly killing me with strangulation or impact(because how would I know if I am dead),did I learn when and what I could have done before its too late to prevent it?

Do you understand that you cannot grapple with someone neglecting to protect your groin throat and head from injuries to soft pressure points unless you take your opponent out of balance first delivering  his pressure points direct impact or impact by gravity with a fall before he delivered impact or push and pull to one of your soft pressure points?  Do your hands on grappling training reflect this?

So you get a guy or a girl that is demo Hollywood style invincible striking combinations on a standing non resisting opponent starting position in the hotzone and even telling you that its unstoppable because its his techniques! Well its unstoppable because you let him into the hot zone without blocking the first strike before it was too late, so now you are distracted from the pain of the first one and this lets him keep hitting you.

If your instructor is telling you that there are attacks that cannot be prevented, ask yourself why then I am wasting my time learning self defense? Am I learning to become an assassin? Am I going to figure out who my enemies are before they hurt me and simply surprise them and kill them? If I just hurt them they can come back and surprise me at a later time after they recuperate from their injuries.

Well if you want to play the movies, and fondle someone's genitals throat eyes and articles of the wrist, elbow knee and neck go ahead and participate in that class.

Every kid can kill a roach, and unfortunately other small harmless animals - Stomping, smashing and being even more creative. But what are the self defense mechanism of humans? What are the limits to prevent abuse of your inalienable rights and how to ensure that if someone comes to hurt or kill you by surprise you have the skills and intent to stop him even at the expense of killing him if necessary.

Rule of thumb there is a fifty percent chance for yes and fifty percent chance of no in any logical or instinctive decision! Its simply the binary system of how things work. So fifty percent chance empirically that you are taking a self defense course from someone that has no clue of what's self defense is all about.

He would probably stand in the hotzone demonstrating flawless manipulations of pressure points dramatically, and so fast you would not even be able to tell how much damage these methods can cause to a dangerous resisting opponent. What about breaking it down and persuading you how and why it might work?

What about telling you how to reach the opponent's pressure points first when he surprised you first? How about close to reality as possible drilling so you can sense it with your body that if you've used all your trickery and your training partner was aware of it, he can still stop you from reaching his pressure points. Are you wasting your "self Defense" Course on sweating with your training partners and taking photos with the instructor before you are going on for a beer?

Whether an hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, odd or even number of hours of training in self defense, you need to balance your training to learn and understand and drill in the limitation of self defense most importantly the time frame how many split seconds pass between awareness, recognition of life threatening scenario, and moving along in the chain of defense(long range to short range possibilities of entering the hotzone where whoever pressure point is reached and manipulated first is the probable looser victim).

Israel Defense Force Original Krav Maga Complete Curriculum Transformed on Video.

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