Krav Maga Beginners or Advanced Evolution or Not /Boaz Aviram

If you are looking for a dance class you can find beginners classes anywhere. Since dance is the art of physical expression it is not an efficient art. It can take much longer to master as the human can compose variety of combinations of sequential execution of body parts in variety of rhythms. The choreography appears to almost have endless possibilities of compositions.

In Krav Maga there are no beginner classes. Instead, there are sections of training you need to get proficient at. Your proficiency should come immediately when you lean them. Otherwise you are wasting your time developing bad habits and mastering them and this become non Krav Maga.

If you read the book and use the training dvds you will realize that Krav Maga is not adding a collection of useless techniques to a TV production set but rather a very precise training system with one goal - to succeed in a confrontation with the unknown opponent.

Just because there are average, good or better schools out there that are doing more or better training comparing to what the other martial arts are doing does not mean a scratch. You need to command the whole picture of a H2H scenario and learn how to control the complexities of its mechanism in a simple way of intensive training steps.

The courses are for both advanced and beginners. You teach the IDF original intensive training steps of the basics and advanced. So if you already know part of it, you can spend more time drilling the complete motions or advanced drills. It's all about breaking down what fits in a few split seconds, whether attacks, blocks and counters, grappling escapes and counters to soft pressure points, knife, stick and pistol threat defense, to the smallest step that can improve your motion via sequence or needed emphases on tactical execution and priority and putting them back together.

Once you hone your skills of executing impact, leverage, blocking and grappling you move into combinations of sparring drills that force your instinctive judgment and assessment of what you need to do meaning what skills to apply.

In sports martial arts, and Civilian Krav Maga, you have categorization such as beginners and advanced, you have also weight classes and you usually pair up a class with the same level of students.

I totally avoid using the concept of beginner or advanced in Pure Krav Maga. This is because Self Defense training teaches you to face an unknown attacker - another human that has predictable range and limits of motion.

At the same time your sparring is not geared to succeed by Knocking out or getting your opponent to tap out. Instead it is geared toward being comfortable with handling violent confrontation successfully and getting the know-how to by specialized training drills.

These drills include learning sequential execution of techniques, and practicing strikes and kicks on punching mitts. In addition they teach you to reach and manipulate pressure points.

If you are not familiar and have sufficient training how are you going to have the confidence to handle a self defense scenario? Are you going to tell your attacker excuse me but we have not reached kicks yet, or have not reached knife yet? Can you tell your opponent it is not fair because he is too big?

Well if you are not taking intensive course, but forced to take little by little, you better understand that you just started but did not complete your training course.

I do hope the comprehensive principles you have learned through the few techniques and scenarios from your first few lessons, gave you enough understanding how to behave and react and try to prevail with what you have if you were attacked before you've completed the course of training.

This is one of the reasons I prefer intensive seminars or long sessions of three hour each. You need to learn enough to connect the dots and see the whole picture. You first need to learn your opponent maximum capabilities possible.

Then you learn to prioritize and limit your training to the constraint of reaction time. Once you get that you are on the right track. And it is a short track comparing to the Martial Arts learning track.

Various types of students come to learn Pure Krav Maga. Most of them have some interest in learning and honing their self defense skills. Pure Krav Maga is conducted as Intensive Seminars, and also as weekly training sessions which basically teach selected topics of Pure Krav Maga.

This puts a responsibility on Students and Instructors to sort out and find what they need to attend to complete their mission. Their mission could have a time constraint as well or time span or schedule limit.

This could be the same problem the instructor might have. While bona-fide exchange of information and explanation of how many hours and what topics should be covered is helpful for both parties to understand their needs, the question that comes to our minds is how much information should be communicated in the explanation and the persuasion process.

The nature of Information and Services business calls for not teaching before you get paid. Otherwise you will probably never get paid for it. So in reality you need to have a logical plan that you can communicate and support with logic with your potential students.

Students on the other hand may have the same just concern of paying in advance for something they do not need or have already learned.

Many students think they have learned enough or trained enough and you need to either reaffirm that or dispute it or reaffirm that they indeed learned so many things and if would be helpful for them, but if they learn more they will be able to handle more.

How do you communicate with your student the necessity of what you teach to benefit the student at each level without teaching him before you get paid?

Once the knowledge leaves your hand it belongs to your student and payment is customarily with transfer of possessions. In addition, publicity of too much detailed curriculum can be stolen by other wannabe instructors and used for their benefits for free.

At the end of the day you should as an instructor ask yourself as well, how much did you learn and is there more knowledge out there. You might have been trained under the constraint of time, and purpose yourself.

Even today, I see that Pure Krav Maga is much more advanced than any other training system in the world when it comes to self defense. So whatever time you spend on training with Pure Krav Maga, be assured you are getting more than ten times of the time spent with any other training system and in only a fraction of the time...

Truth is that most Krav Maga Instructors that were civilians or ex military soldiers that did not serve as a Chief Instructor in the Israeli Defense Forces Fighting Fitness Academy, took a fracture of Krav Maga and divided it to tenth of a fracture and started selling it to their students as beginners and advanced.

There are also others that chose to just use the name Krav Maga. For those, the mastery of jujitsu in its best never got them even close to develop Krav Maga basics.

As the last thirty year debate of whether Krav Maga could be evolved or not, the no answer was really cynical because it was referring to all the people that were re inventing and redeveloping it where they were not even aware of the basic principles of it.

But for someone that was well familiar with Imrich's Principles, there is always a possibility that they would be distilled and applied much further and in a very significant and unique way, as some of the unseen scientific phenomena was discovered by pure mathematical formula.

Think of Pure Krav Maga as Robotics. Developing an able robot that can do the job but applying the mechanics to ancient ones - the Human Body... But instead of the robot on the assembly line, the idea is to program the human to respond and prevail against any other human...

As I discovered that Imrich's principles could be distilled to a more specific application of his techniques, my spirit was down because I felt I neglected to provide my students to date an adequate level of proficiency including my recent discovery. 

But when I thought it over, I realized that I already gave my students more than my Krav Maga Founding fathers had given me, and it is much more than anyone else would have gotten elsewhere to my humble opinion so that did comfort my conscience.

Advanced Pure Krav Maga Training is planned, and it is not just a technique, but serious distinguished new training methods and applications of Principles and Techniques in a unique imaginative way that works.

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