Comprehensive Training is the Key / Boaz Aviram

Techniques are just one of many tools for learning. So it the Instructor's Demonstrations of the Techniques. Trying to simplify lessons for ease of control of the class and curriculum is a good idea, but in fact Hand to Hand Combat is a very complex science and need to be mastered in its entirety to save one's lives. Many more emphases points are required as there is not a whole lot going on in a split second of life or death decision and dangerous activity, but the little that is going on in a few split seconds has to be studied precisely, solid conclusion should be drawn and counter techniques should be perfected. 

Complete comprehension of the breakdown of the activity and put together is essential. One cannot expect improvement if both training partners in alternate roles of attacker and defender are not aware of repeated small errors in their activities.

As a rule of thumb it's not a good idea in fighting sports and martial arts and hand to hand combat to change the side of the body pointed to the opponent as you get close to him. Small hands motions reaching your pressure points with impact of soft pressure points with thrust and plucking motions are hard to prevent at the same time you are bringing your front foot to the back and the back foot to the front. 

You need your arms to balance your feet, and if you also need them to deflect attempts to reach your vulnerable pressure points, you will not be very fast during opposing foot motion. Its the same problem in the kicking and punching range as well.

Once you are certain your opponent is distracted with pain from a blow, or push and pull forces, and you are certain you can control him with pulling and pushing, then it's ok to change the front side of your body. But prefer to do the push and pull on soft pressure points if possible. Of course if you grab an extended arm you might use if to control his balance and even use a kick as he is off balance.

The essence of reality based training is paying attention to details. You need to reach your opponents pressure points first in each and every time. Of course you will make errors during the training process. But you cant afford your students reverting to repetitious errors of the prior training steps as you move up in the training steps.

If you let it happen too many times without paying attention, you will have an accumulative error factors that is hard to keep track of. You only correct one error at a time, and sometimes you let the students try few more times before you correct the error, to let them work on another step that they are doing OK before you move to the next detail.

Finally, remember as I've mentioned before, techniques demos practice, drilling are just the tools for your work. You need to want your students to be able to defend themselves. You need to have a master plan of techniques, drills, tests, and so forth, to bring your students to a level that they can control another human that has two arms and two legs, as they are trained to familiarize themselves with the comprehensive possibilities of motion of such creature with bare hands or with the extension of a weapon that can reach your pressure points to control you. You need to foil this from happening and reach their pressure points first. 

So definitions, naming techniques, naming drills, naming emphases points, naming concepts, naming principles, are all parts of the whole. You need the whole for your objective, and you need to accomplish it in a reasonable amount of time. 

While some people spend their life time taking art courses to keep busy, if you learn self defense and hand to hand combat, you should not spend more than the twenty-one hour basic curriculum of Pure Krav Maga multiplied by few more time maybe five times maximum. If you really like redundancy, you could spend a life time doing it. 

But the twenty-one hours is the amount of time that takes to walk the average guy and girl in the comprehensive training and drilling of all the options of hand-to hand combat, their complexities, starting with dry simple drills of the complex impact striking and kicking methods, applying leverages on pressure points and limbs, blocks, deflections, escapes from grappling and restraining techniques and counter attacks, and use of a knife and a stick as weapons and counter them and also pistol threat defense.  Then sparring in which they gain hands on experience in using what they learned. 

So you can repeat these twenty-one hours as much as you please without getting bored to the point you start to hate it Remember the more hours that you use outside of the scope of these particular twenty-one hour, you would need many hours more to help you regain your focus in the right direction.

Discipline is helpful in controlling the class and its safety, but sooner of later this would need to shift in the direction of self discipline to the point that every student's brains become the source of control to protect his training partner on one hand but to provide a challenging realistic dangerous drilling machine on the other hand. There is simply no other way to get to advanced effective training of hand to hand combat. Running away from an attacker is rarely advisable especially if the attacker can run fast and is armed. 

Unless you are a fast sprinter, once you lose your endurance and your lungs start to explode you will be very uncomfortable to react properly to save your life in the split second of the encounter. If you step back to open a gap so the attacker cannot reach you, it might work once or twice, but sooner or later and the sooner is better you need to come up with the proper efficient deflection and counter attack to rid of your attacker. If the attacker moves away from your counter attack, follow up with a kick or chase him. If you take advantage of his retreat, you prevent him from coming back at you.
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