Pure Krav Maga Ballpark Techniques & Training Drills Count / Boaz Aviram

Pure Krav Maga Ballpark Technique and Training Drills Counts
Unarmed Impact
Arms Attacks
- Drop Punch 1
- Cross Punch 1
- Drop, Cross, Drop Combination 1
- Drop, Cross Hook Upper Cut Combinations 1
- Hook 1
- Uppercut 1
- Center Body Attack Drop Punch 1
- Center Body Attack Cross Punch 1
- Center Body Defensive Drop Punch 1
- Center Body Defensive Cross Punch 1
- Center Body Attack Punches then Coming up with a Front  Hook 1
- Center Body Defensive Drop Punch, then backward Horizontal Backhand Strike 1
- Inward Knife Hand 1
- Outward Knife Hand 1
- Inverted Punch(backhand) 1
- Hammer 1
- Elbows 8
- Extended Knuckle Temple Blow 1
Legs Attacks
- Front Kick 1
- Front Kick with Hammer Blow Combo 1
- Front Kick with Drop Punch, Cross Punch and Drop Combo 1
- Heart Stomp 1
- Scissors 1
- Side 1
- Back 1
- Vertical Axe 1
- Roundhouse 1
- Sheering Calves Kick 2
- Horizontal Axe 1
- Instep Block Kick 2
- Knee Kick 1
- Outward Slap Kick 1
- Inward Slap Kick 1
- Full turn Horizontal Axe 1
- Switching Front and Full Turn Horizontal Axe 1
- Switching Front Kicks Left Right Left 1
- Switching Side Kicks 1
- Switching Knee Kicks 1
- Front Kick Drop Punch Cross Punch Cross Front Kick Combo 1
- Front Kick, Drop Punch, Side Kick Combo 1
- Jumping Front Kick 1
- Jumping Side Kick 1
- Jumping Horizontal Axe Kick 1
Defenses vs. Kicks and Blows
- Block Kick With Counter Strikes 1
- Inside Defense vs. Kick 1
- Outside Defense vs. Kick 1
- Toreador Defense vs, Kick 1
- Outside Block vs Roundhouse 1
- Inside Block vs. Roundhouse 1
- Ouside defenses vs. Punching 7
- Inside Defense vs. Punching to the head  2
- Inside Defense vs. Punch with Elbow Counter with Vertical Backhand Strike 1
- Inside Defense vs. Punching to the Body 2
- Outside defenses vs. Low Punches 2
- Defense vs. Elbow with Counter back hand 1
- Outside Defenses vs. Straight Punches 2
Knife Attacks
- Straight 2
- Top Down 2
- Bottom Up 2
- Slash 2
- Distracting Hand 1
- Sentry Removal Slash 1
- Sentry Removal Clavicle Stab 1
- Sentry Removal Heart Stab from the Back 1
Knife Defenses (both Live and Dead Sides)
- Straight 2
- Slash 2
- Topdown 2
- Bottom Up 2
- Inefficient Straight topdown Hold 2
- Inefficient Straight Bottomup Hold 2
Knife vs. Knife
- Straight 1
- Bottom Up 1
- Top Down 1
- Slash 1
- Defense vs. Slash or poke to the front hand 2
Bat Attacks / Assault Rifle as a Sidearm
- Stick forward Poke 1
- Stick side Poke  1
- Stick Hook 1
- Stick Upper Cut 1
- Stick topdown Strike 1
- Stick Horizontal Strike  1
- Stick Center Stick Strike 1
- Stick Low Leg Strike 1
Bat Defenses (Including Assault Rifle Threat) 1
- Head shot Defense 1
- Torso Side Defense 1
- Defense vs. Front Poke or threat and Rear Threat 4
Blunt vs. Blunt 
- Poke 2
- Top Down 2
- Leg Blow 1
Pistol Threat Defenses
- Forehead front 1
- Center Body 1
- Side Front 1
- Back of the Head 1
- To the Back 1
- Temple 1
- Sitting  2
- Release from Chokes 5
- Release from Holds Front Over the Arms 3
- Release from Holds Front Under the Arms 4
- Release from Holds Back Over the Arms 4
- Release from Holds Back Under the Arms 3
- Escape from Tackling 1
- Release from Neck Hold 3
- Release from Shirt Grab 2
- Release from hand Grab 1
- Escape from Knife to the Throat Front 1
- Escape from Knife to the Throat from the Back 1
- Sentry Takedown back to back neck hold 1
- Release from Policeman Holds 2
- Release from wrist holds from the back 1
- Release from Mouth and Wrist Hold 1
- Release from hair Grab front 2
- Release from hair Grab Rear 2
- Hip Throw 1
- Leg Throw 2
Ground Works
- Breakfalls  3
- Rolloever  3
- Judo Holds 2
- On the Side 1
- Sitting on Top Choking 2
- Sitting on Top Punching  1
- Sitting on Top Stabbing 1
- Sitting on Top Holding Wrists 2
- Sitting on Top With Neck Hold 1
- Sitting on Top Knife to the Throat 1
- Guillotine Sitting  1
- Release from Neck Hold from the Back 1
- Approaching from the Front 1
- Approaching from the Sides 2
- Escape from Knee Leverage 1
- Restraining Techniques 4
- Hip Throw 1
- Leg Throw 2
Multiple and Various
- Defense vs. Multiple Opponents 1
- Defense vs. Chain 1
- Defense vs. Assault rifle Group Threat 1
- Sentry Removal with Garrote 1
- Escape from Sentry Removal with Garrote 1
- Pistol Threat Defense in the Motor Vehicle 3
- Knife Threat Defense in the Motor Vehicle 3
- Lifting and Carrying Unconscious Person 1
Pure Krav Maga list of Drills
Punching Mitts 
- Individual Blows and Kicks Attacks 1
- Chain of Defense Combinations Attacks 1
- Same Range CombinationAttacks 1
- Same Range Follow up Attacks if Missed the Previous 1
- Chain of Defense Combination Attacks 1
- Starting with Kicks, Punches, Elbows, Knees, and Cervical Neck leverage Throws 1
- In Sparring Chosing between Bursting With Chain of Defense Combiantion Attacks or Waiting to Block and Counter depending on the leftover timing as it happens 1
- Individual Blocking Techniques Drilling with Training Partners 1
- Alternating Attacks to trigger practicing Alternating Blocks 1
- In Sparring Chosing between Bursting With Chain of Defense Combiantion Attacks or Waiting to Block and Counter depending on the leftover timeing as it happens 1
Push and Pull with counter to Soft Pressure Points
- Rolloever alternate direction drilling 1
- Combining Breakfalls and Rolloever Drilling 1
- Sparring with attempted Restraining Techniques with escape using the Push and Pull 1
- Sparring as one training partner is instructed to attempt to restraint and the other to use soft pressure points to escape 1
- Re-Directing unavoidable falls for the opponent to take the impact 1
- Fluid Intuitive application of Techniques according to the method of attack and type of weapon 1
- Sparring would be initiated as students are instructed to resist the counters 1

I think there are various possibilities with definitions of techniques. For example the name can describe the limb use to reach a pressure point, the direction of the attack, or what it is designed to deflect and from what angle, or what type of a throw or restraining you put on the body, or from what such are you escaping and countering, or what weapon is used with what method or direction, or which method of weapon use you are countering, or methods of motion and breakfalls.

Then you have various combinations or possibilities. One of the question let's say front kick with the front foot is that a different technique if you are doing it with the rear (cross leg)? Not really, but you need to bring that foot to the front first. Is that a technique for itself? Now another question you might ask is a kick from the spot and a kick in advance are two different techniques? I would say not. When you learn a kick you need to learn how to do it and use it from all possible and relevant scenarios.

I would like to categorize a technique as a method of reaching the opponent's pressure point s or a method of preventing him from doing it. Both share some same components but a different start up point. And besides the techniques you have training drills that are designed to have you do the techniques instinctively, those that force your brain to chose the right approach and sort of similar "technique" and those that makes that process faster to the point of real time intuitive initiation or reaction, and those drills that force you to find solutions to your limitation.

Techniques are sort of classification of learned segments of combat. Some schools and organizations might have chosen different classification as it more simplified or more complex training. For example in the past Krav Maga had a vague definition for two types of front kicks. One was snapping to the groin, the other was pushing. The rationale was that one it to attack, and the other to block.

Also they used to say you can do the kicks with the ball of the foot, the heel, or the center of the instep. In Pure Krav Maga that classification was changed to be more meaningful and more detailed. You have front kick to the groin done with ball of the foot only, unless you are wearing a shoe that prevents you from doing it exactly, and then you do the best you can. You have front kick with the heel called heart stomping kick directed to the sternum, and you have block kick with the instep at forty-five degrees to avoid slippage catching the opponents legs defensively.

Where there is more than one method to escape the counter was increased.

For Kicks, only the kicking leg was counted and if the kick is done with the rear leg you have to make it the front leg first so no double count

Combinations are really repeated execution of previously learned techniques, but if a combination is useful it becomes a technique for itself.

For Defenses vs. Knives both sides were counted.

I could add defense vs. sexual groping in the car, but in fact it is similar for escape from neck hold from the side, so it will just be tight space scenarios improvisation drills.

Aforementioned Curriculum done in less than 30 hour session video list proof!

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