Technique Based Training System Leads to Humility/Boaz Aviram

The concept of inside and outside defenses in Pure Krav Maga has more than inward or outward sense of direction. The key is to learn to recognize that you have no choice but to deflect from the way you were positioned before the deflection. It becomes a little more complex when you add the distance and the type of weapon used.

Generally to deflect fast you want to reach the attacker's wrist or ankle in a most possible straight line from where your arms were positioned before you've decided to execute your deflection. If your arms were to the side of your body and the attacker directed a blow or a kick to the center of your body or head you would want to execute an inside defense(inward block or deflection) . This is simply because if you try to do an outside defense, you are wasting time bringing your deflecting arm to the other side of the invisible fence first.

Sometimes in the long range as you lunge to cover the gap you have the time to reposition your arms for a deflection that will occur after you finished the lunge.

However you must tell the students that to be efficient you do not want to take chances and you need to be clear on what is possible and what is not before you get into sparring level.

One of the problems with a technique based martial arts is that when you do not know all the relevant information that is related to one technique or another, you end up applying your technique inappropriately and your system becomes useless for self defense. 

Instead your sparring becomes an exciting event where sometimes you are successful and sometimes you are not without ever knowing why. You start to compete against yourself on a daily basis learning to control your constant expected frustration at the most. Is that part of humility?
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Owl Bob said...

I would say 80% would not know theory and thus the practice of deflection

Boaz Aviram said...

Owl Bob, I think you are right!
I think it also leads to Systems that let their students not know the theory become sports of gambling chance where you just have fun not knowing the outcome of your sparring beforehand.