Fighting Sports that do not have all the possibilities of the Chain of Defense are Insufficient for H2H/Boaz Aviram

The Chain of Defense Principle, calls for the most efficient reach of pressure points in all the possible ranges lunging into the hotzone, kicking, punching, Elbowing, Kneeing, And Soft Pressure point manipulation with finger shoving and plucking.

Training systems that are limited to only one or few elements of the chain of defense , cannot be tested for self defense and hand to hand combat by its training partners because they do not provide challenging attacks!

Theoretically Sparring should be done against kicks, punches, elbows, eye gouges, kicks in the balls, testicle squishing, punching to the temples, etc. etc.  In the grappling department Rough and Tumble method would be ideal. 

However, the dangerous stuff is done in a non competitive controlled manner where both sparring partners are responsible for the safety of each other.  Controlled Rough and Tumble is the Grappling Sparring of Pure Krav Maga.  If you compare the sparring of Pure Krav Maga to the Competitive Combat Sports Sparring, the stress is more on the diversity of the intricate first resort to last resort in the chain of defense mastery.  This is done with providing full challenge in controlled force.   The Combat Sports however, do not pay much attention for stuff they cannot get a point for winning a tournament.  Pure Krav Maga gets points for every little detail that can save your life.
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