Beginner Advanced - Sufficiently Efficient/Boaz Aviram

I come from the Israel Defense Force Fighting Fitness Academy at the inception years and the end of the Golden times of Krav Maga and I do not like the use of Beginners Krav Maga or Advanced Krav Maga... Of course you can think about beginners class and advanced class, of course you can think about learning terminology of self defense, learning techniques and learning Weapons and Sparring in advanced belts and so forth. 

That was done in civilian Krav Maga. You can think of university, you can think about History 101 which probably is intro course level and advanced courses at level 400 etc etc. But all these courses especially if physical are geared to prepare your mind and body to levels of understanding how it works and training to make it work. In the case of the academic courses it probably trains you brain only to think and resolve and make judgment calls. Well not exactly, you need also to express yourself in a speech and in writing and persuade people in your theories and strategies which business or policies will be enacted, or conduct scientific research in a way that will lead to reliable decisions and beneficial action.

I think why I resent this division of beginner or basic and advanced when it comes to Krav Maga, because it was taught as intensive courses all to teach soldiers basic skills of how to use their bare hands to survive or implement confrontation. 

When you fight or defend yourself you want to be efficient, not advanced. You want to reach your opponent's pressure points before he reaches your with maximum efficiency. If you learn how to execute hard to do techniques, such as jumping kicks let's say, its not because you need to use them in self defense, but because you need to be exposed to attackers that might use methods of such and know how to counter them with a simplified method. And that is because there is a simplified method to reach the same pressure points you will reach with a jumping kick. The motion however is helpful in certain moments while you are running and able to jump and want to use it to reach someone's pressure points with it. How many times do you see yourself doing it realistically if you are not on the actors Guild in Hollywood? 

Well just because you are better fit and able to do more with your body, is that a reason to tag you as an advanced Krav Maga practitioner? Definitely not because Krav Maga should not be a circus and you should not be there to entertain. That belongs perhaps to the entertainment Martial Arts which some masters chose to call Krav Maga...

What is the difference in the Key Elements of training? The key is to teach every part of the motions in the correct sequence and demonstrate how to apply them. That way you will not spend hours and weeks of perfecting bad habits of which you cover up with great fitness and ability to dance around. 

Not that fitness is bad. In fact dancing around allows you to perfect the dancing around part. But it does not allow you to perfect the hotzone entry and mastering control of your opponent's pressure points first in that exact critical moment! So I rather categorize students as sufficient or insufficient to determine their level of self defense capability and further training or study needed. The comparative model to their grading is a theoretical model of the most efficient human fighter bound to the laws of physics of reach with the reaction time principles. The rest is about learning to distinguish all the attack options and how to use your limitations to your advantage concentrating on the limitations of the most efficient human.

The training curriculum of Pure Krav Maga whether limited to several hours or a full 21 hour curriculum and plenty additional rehearsal time broken to one hour session, two hour sessions or any convenient  schedule is designed to teach you to reach your opponent's pressure points first and control him to survive confrontations.  

A curriculum that is not designed to do so is not a Pure Krav Maga Curriculum!  If your students are just punching the heavy bag with weak punches and no correction of their Knockout techniques not only they are not learning how to generate impact, they are honing bad habits throughout the course of their training, and even if they have a lifetime membership, they are not likely to succeed in a challenge of self defense life may present them with.

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