Israel Defense Force Krav Maga Chief Instructors Lineage/ Boaz Aviram

Imrich Lichtenfeld:
-Background Training and Experience: European National Champion in four fields Boxing, Wrestling, Gymnastics and Swimming. Master of Jujitsu. Street Fighting Leader to the Jewish Community against the Nazi Youth Groups. Two years in the British legions combat service including learning Fairbairn Unarmed Combat Methods. Twenty Years in the Israel Defense Force Physical Fitness and Krav Maga Chief Instructor at the Israel Defense Force Fighting Fit Academy.

-Sensed that Fighting Sports are not suitable for Self Defense!

-Emphasized the Reaction Time and Hotzone Theory. This theory found vulnerability of limitations at the exact time of attack and therefore devised simultaneous deflection and counter attack.

-Prioritized Impact over Leverage

-Pressure Points were explained in one of the first lessons.

-Intensive Israel Defense Krav Maga Training consisted of mastering basic kicks, punches, strikes, throws and grappling with boxing sparring drills, grappling sparring drills and knife sparring drills.

-Emphasized breakdown and put together key points in Striking Techniques to maximize impact and leverage.

-Developed Lesson Plans and Military Short Krav Maga Curriculum.

-Consolidated drilling of methods of attacks into ranges of attack in the chain of defense: Impact attack attack to the limbs, or body, restraining techniques to the limbs or body, and contortion techniques to the limbs or body.

-During Imrich's time there were no Krav Maga among IDF units, however they were fitness and Boxing Competitions! 

-Upon Retirement became a civilian Master of Krav Maga creating the Krav Maga Association to teach civilian around the world self defense in Judo Belt Style Watered Down Curriculum.

Eli Avikzar:
Background Training Experience: Black Belt in Judo, Extensive training in Karate, Black Belt in Aikido, Black Belt in Krav Maga, Extensive street Fighting in his Youth in Morocco and Israel. Israel Defense Force Krav Maga Chief Instructor for ten years at the Israel Defense Force Fighting Fit Academy.

-Followed aforementioned Imrich's Principles.

-Helped Imrich develop counter techniques against all the other martial arts and fighting sports including boxing and grappling.

-Refined Imrich's principles by making further observations and emphases points. Enriched the Krav Maga Curriculum developing further techniques.

-During Eli's time in the IDF there were no Krav Maga Competitions among IDF units, however there were fitness competitions only. 

-Upon retirement became a civilian Master of Krav Maga creating the Krav Maga Association to teach civilian around the world self defense in Judo Belt Style Watered Down Curriculum following Imrich.

Boaz Aviram:
Background Training Experience:
Seven years of Judo Jujitsu, Karate and Aikido. Several Black belts in Full Contact Kyokushin karate, Taekwon Do, and Krav Maga. Israeli Karate Team Full Contact Kyokushin Champion.  Extensive Street Fighting Experience. Israel Defense Force and Sky Marshals Krav Maga Chief Instructor for five years at the Israel Defense Force Fighting Fit Academy. Certified Public Accounting with fifteen years Auditing Experience. Was one of the main characters in a fictional based on reality Espionage Political book "The Heat of Ramadan" by Steven Hartov. Was on the cover of the first Israel Defense Force ex Colonel published Krav Maga Material - Fighting Fit by Colonel David Ben Asher. Was awarded the title Israel Defense Force Krav Maga Top Expert.

-Followed aforementioned Imrich's principles and Eli's additions.

-Maximized the Intensive Learning Potential by refining Imrich's and Eli's Principles.

-Changed the definitions to comprehensively fit and close the Circuit of Intensive hand-to-hand combat:  -Instead of the idea of counter techniques to all the other Martial Arts and Fighting Sports, the human optimal most efficient fighter model of prioritizing all the options and picking up the best ones according to Imrich's and Eli's Principles was created. From there you did not have to bother and learn other martial arts to learn Krav Maga. The idea was that any less efficient form of attack than the optimal maximum efficient model would be countered faster than the lesser efficient with the same principles and techniques that Pure Krav Maga has.

-Had eliminated techniques and drills that did not conform to the model of total efficiency in training.

-Had added techniques and training drills that were missing to close the circuit of hand to hand combat in areas that had a substantial gap.

-Published the Book Krav Maga - Use Your Body as a Weapon documenting the essence of Military Original Krav Maga making the argument what is Krav Maga, how to do it, and how not to do it, and why it is the best hand to hand combat and self defense training system ever created in the world comparing to all the other related training systems. The book documents Krav Maga knowledge that was only available prior to that to selected students and Instructor in the Israel Defense Force passed by oral tradition and kept away from the rest of the Dojo Crowd.

-Directed the Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery seven DVDs Set documenting how a novice students is being trained in the whole Israel Defense Force Curriculum.

-Published hundreds of educational article arguing in depth all the angles of training in hand to hand combat.

-Founded Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery(TM) an organization that strive to produce quality hand to hand combat instructors maintaining the stringent quality Control of Military Based Self Defense Training System.

-Upon retirement chose to preserve and teach the whole original Israel Defense Force Intensive Krav Maga courses to civilian and law enforcement alike.

Israel Defense Force Compete Original Krav Maga Curriculum
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