Master Pure Krav Maga / Boaz Aviram

You can train with your wife if you have the patience, but If you want to get certified, or make it easy on yourself completing the training fast, you have to take the course with us. 
Train with your Wife!

You need to learn how to defend against the most efficient opponent so you are certain that if you are succeeding against your training partner you will succeed against anyone.

So you have to make sure you did not miss a thing in your training. Because a fight takes few split seconds and in these few split seconds every thought you have and every little motion count to save your life.

Therefore, you need to be in complete control of your training process because you will be the boss when you are defending yourself alone and it would be your responsibility alone.

You can't really fight with techniques. Techniques are just used to teach you navigation to reach pressure points and prevent others from reaching yours. But in reality things might be different.

Considering joining a club? They might be serious people with some good stuff, but most of them do not command real Krav Maga skills and know how to teach it. For example with the long gun you can't move it and punch. Instead you need to control it with both hands otherwise the opponent can overpower you. Unfortunately Krav Maga places pop up like weeds in the back yard.

It's about many emphases points, about structured training program that helps you command the whole system sufficiently without getting confused with sweat and fitness.

Try for yourself and at least it might help your judgment. But in reality you need to learn how to be a mechanic of the human body in real time.  While teeth cleaning is good, it's not your top priority when you need a root canal.

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