Simple Definition of Pure Krav Maga / Boaz Aviram

The Most Simplified Summary of the Pure Krav Maga Training System:
You want to give students Self Defense Capabilities.  You want to be sure they are well trained to counter any possible escape from dangerous Self Defense Scenarios.  You cannot possibly include all the techniques ever created in a short course and not even in a lifetime!

Instead taking into account the human range of motion and speed of reach sequences of reaching and change of rhythms possible. You consolidate similar relative similarities, you save an example for distinct options, you prioritize on all levels, and you create the human most efficient fighting model.

You want your students to demonstrate ability to spar safely (practice reach to each other's pressure points while preventing one another  to reach their own pressure points). During these sparring drills you want them to include any differentiated scenarios that are possible within the parameters of control through pressure points. You need to be truly persuaded that they have the capabilities to stop possible Self Defense threats to their lives and safety.

You want your students to demonstrate efficient force generation sufficient to have debilitating effect and control.  You want your students to have sufficient awareness.  You want your students to have sufficient judgment.  You want your students to have sufficient navigation skills around the danger zones to reach their desired pressure points without getting hurt themselves.

You get the whole Picture.  You break it down.  You put it back together.

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