The Karambit is not really a Knife/ Boaz Aviram

The Karambit is not really a knife. Its more of a hook! With the Karambit you should not expect any stabbing. Perhaps minor cuts but mostly a hooking and tearing of skin, nerves and arteries.  

Remember that it does not provide an extension to the arm so you can almost always block and counter at the same time. Try to forgo the first attempt of reach to your arms or body with evasive maneuver and block and counter after the attack motion have passed and before its coming back from the opposite direction. 

It does not have the advantage of providing extension to the arm but remember the reaction time and do not get tempted to get too close delaying your moves to the point where you are left without reaction time. If you attack with kicks, its harder for him to block but if he evaded the kicks he can use the Karambit for counter. 

The Karambit has less advantage than a knife. Its almost like a razor blade or a needle, still scary if it reaches your skin or artery. The techniques are only part of the training methods. They are used to break down the route of reaching your opponent's pressure points efficiently and vice versa. You never try to apply the techniques exactly in a real life scenario.
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