Pure Krav Maga Sparring / Boaz Aviram

Every time you get into the hotzone - the distance where you can lunge once with a hit or a kick, its a separate fight in reality!  In reality it would amount to an average of three tenths of a second of a block and counter attack.

Here are the Pure Krav Maga Guidelines for Sparring:
Thirty percent of the video has fails for clean defense and counter attack because the counter attack is not meant to be a knock out.  Its not a fail problem, but a false reality.

Another thirty percent has a fail because both training partners are trying to do two things to teach each other and to learn one from another.  So they try to give a chance to their training partner and increase the difficulty and resistance gradually.  Also they try to give their training partner a broad base collection of scenarios.

Many times, once they have a good defense and counter they are happy and don't bother to do the required combination to confuse the attacker enough to facilitate exiting the hotzone safely without interruption.

Finally, since both training partners are doing Pure Krav Maga its not easy to just attack.  You need a combination and you need to lure the training partner to move to where you know they will move.  Well its just the training.

The reality would be faster.  One kick to the balls or one kick to the body balls or stomach followed up with hammer strike to the back of the head or punch to the face.

if you don't want to kill him you might gradually increase the strength of your punches, until its enough to stop him.  As
long as you hit somewhere painful you can distract and cover up with quantity.  But if he has a knife or a friend attacking you you don't have the time to cover up.

You have people saying you need to cover your face when sparring or defending yourself - I say to them imagine people would be covering their faces when driving a car or flying an airplane... You need to see to navigate to reach and protect all pressure points...

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