Pure Krav Maga Simplicity is only in its Approach through the Binary System/Boaz Aviram

Pure Krav Maga Training is all about quality directly to the point through training and prioritizing. Yet prioritization is a matrix within a matrix. The simplicity of Pure Krav Maga is that it is a constant binary system looking at each step from two (binary) matrices points. 1-Maximum essence of material to prevail in any possible H2H confrontation. 2-Maximum learning capacity. 

The Impact strikes and kick are the most complex to teach as they require command of total body balance in motion and synchronization of each body part in the correct sequence. Then Knife because its the most dangerous one(but you need the strikes for counter so you teach them first). 

Also when the student is at his energy peak, he can process the most complex material before his brains gets too tired. Then all the other pieces of the possibilities of pressure point manipulation are learned. In the next week of training if the assumption that the student has sufficient retention of the prior material learned, rehearsing the material at the original optimal order is not the first priority anymore. 

Instead what important is getting in depth hands on experience in the theory and application of the material and personal and instruction skill development.

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