Pure Krav Maga vs. Krav Maga/Boaz Aviram

The problem with someone that got his H2H experience along the civilian life and used his judgment to define it as Krav Maga, is that he never got the experience to supervise the short few week programming of novice students in H2H and evidencing them prevailing over all other black belts that happened to take the same course under their hands, yet trying to use what they were trained in for many years having a hard time getting rid of bad habits.

Trying to recreate Imrich Lichtenfeld Krav Maga system is almost impossible but taking the name Krav Maga and adopting it is a disgrace for those that are still alive and had a chance to be trained by him in the Israel Defense Force before he publicized its civilian watered down version.  

Although one must have empathy for those that used their judgement to rule civilian Krav Maga as unpractical H2H training system  yet one must ask himself/herself why that person is still using the name Krav Maga but trying to recreate the training system.  

In any case, good luck, as I truly doubt that anyone can come near the experience of an Israel Defence Force (IDF) Krav Maga creator and 20 years of training and testing with special units soldiers of the IDF.  Buried in history a millennium for the average mind would not even come close to extract the basic foundations of Krav Maga as Imrich Lictenfeld had set!
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