Pure Krav Maga Training Methodology / Boaz Aviram

From the broken down steps for the basic techniques of attack and defense restraint and escape, the theory of time management and ability to prevail within the time limits to putting the complexities back for smooth fluid execution to testing oneself absorption and realization that there is more work to be done aside from techniques, their delivery by instructors, and acquisition by students, there are many invisible factors in the training process and of course in the fight to life and death splits of seconds confrontations.

360 Degrees is a Concept applies as a well rounded capacity:  
-The true meaning of ability to defend 360 degrees also means understanding the limits of your body motion and finding the nearest possible motion and fastest workable solution from each angle.

-Building true fighting confidence intensively throughout the training process.

-Building intensive striking and kicking capabilities.
-Building real time blocking capabilities.
-Building real time restraint and escape methods.
-Building the software capable of controlling all the complex material learned and executing split second judgment of what to do and execute your split second plan.
-From sedentary relaxed state of body and mind to elimination of the danger in real time keeping the mindset of training to drill it in each and every training scenario. From the demo, the drilling in broken down parts to fluid execution.
-Paying attention for safe stopping point to make your next life saving decision. Being efficient with your motion from the split second you have come to realization that you must eliminate an imminent danger.

Starting with theory of controlling pressure points first, the limits and advantage of using the reaction time, demonstration of the larger picture, and working on pieces of the design in depth paying attention to physical and mental limitation of allotting resources of reaction time, balance through motion, to the most imminent goal in each split second until the final conflict resolution, leading to simple and complex sparring drill giving a trial and error and corrections to reach mastery level of 360 in all the aforementioned including teaching, you need to realize that your training methods would differentiate in their purpose and method from fighting sports completely.

It’s too complex to have a child competition if you want to instill maximum confidence in all students.  There cannot be competition if you are truly trying to save lives through training.

Instead, there is only demonstration of complex skills and judgment throughout intensive training process keeping accuracy of the visible and invisible components.

To simulate a virtual fight and its simplified training drills, you need to pay attention that students expecting impact pain and lacking the confidence in their own control of safety might be lacking inclination to attack in maximum speed and force. They might hesitate and withdraw when lacking confidence in blocking it too. 

The complexity of drilling realistic scenarios requires constant comprehensive understanding and supervision. After each encounter distance must be built again and mental state must be clear and geared toward maximizing the elements of surprise, impact control, and proper judgment. Your students have to be trained to clear their minds before each repetition of a drill to get a full advantage of the training to recognize danger, choose the correct split second to neutralize it, and take advantage of their trained physical body in minimizing reaction time to the possible limits, and maximizing the control of their opponent's pressure points through impact, and push and pull manipulation. 

They also have to have a clear understanding of how to use blunt and edge weapons or handy objects that could be used as such, and the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. Then they need to learn to stay focused, and not try to mix the training process, stages, techniques and drills in a way that will diversify their meanings and outcomes.

Initially before learning Krav Maga, there should be a mind introduction and reprogramming the mentality realizing that if you weigh all the options, it's necessary to take the risk of accidentally killing someone or being killed! In reality there are no accidents! When someone invades your personal space and keeps attempting to do so it’s not an accident!

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