Focusing on Sources for Hand to Hand Combat Training / Boaz Aviram

All fighting sports have techniques. Techniques are solutions countering limited scenarios simplifying a tactical problem.

All fighting sports have training drills. Training drills are designed to warm up and condition the body and mind, and to use the techniques learned in realistic applications.

The problem with the emphasis on impressive demonstration of techniques in some fighting sports as opposed to sparring for knockout in others where the final demonstration is at the outcome results of a sparring fight is of complex dimension.

Then there is the problem of tradition where techniques are selected according to the concentration of a specific sport and modified with training drills to fit the rules of the game and in years later are attempted to be extracted and used for hand to hand combat training.

Prioritizing the training time with the right balance on the aforementioned ingredients, with the addition of the selling component to maximize instructor's profits are the key elements of commercial learning. Part of the selling mix occur naturally and part with subconscious and conscious level knowing that there is a better way to sort out the knowledge acquired by generations of humans trials and errors into a better training system to bring individuals to excellence. 

In sports the champions or most famous practitioners or athletes demonstrate excellence. However, great part of this excellence is political victory of the rules of the various games. In hand to hand combat these politics should be extracted out to promote excellence of individuals' ability to defend themselves when needed equally. In self defense you are buying a promise for such ability as individual. You are not there to try and obtain it and pay tuition hoping to become a champion, and understand that if you did not become a champion then your role is to cheer for the champion.

Champions are those that subconsciously and sometimes consciously sorted out and mastered the accumulated experience of human trial and error related to combat sports.

While it seems that hand to hand combat should be easier to learn then compete in a specific combat sport one needs to focus on the best balance of the complex ingredients of the formula. The experience is documented within the combat sports. Self defense and hand to hand combat details are usually lost.

Demonstration of self defense techniques can be impressive but usually done with non resisting opponent. Even if the opponent appears to be resisting, he usually resists less than what he should have been to make the leading defender champion the show. On the other hand demonstration of combat sport is done in the form of real sparring subject to sports rules and referee.

Both demonstrations give you an idea of what a champion moves should look like and at the same time what a loser's moves should look like. Either way, when you plan on learning hand to hand combat and self defense, you should ask yourself who trained the champion, and who trained the loser. This might expose you to an invisible world of politics discussed above.

Instead in Pure Krav Maga you learn to train using these invisible elements gaining good self defense and hand to hand combat habits from inception. You learn how, why, and why not immediately instead of following fascinating series of demonstrations of series of techniques and sparring drills.

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