Immi Sde Or AKA Imrich Lichtenfeld - Israel Defense Force Krav Maga Founder

Israel was lucky to have Immi and at the time of the underground they needed to develop guerrilla fighting and get the confidence of ordinary people to defend themselves or risk their lives in a small guerrilla mission.

As student of Jujitsu and an ex Wrestling, Boxing, Champion and a gymnast champion he realized his skills would be useless in street knife fighting or gang fighting and Modified and developed techniques and training systems in a military environment that calls for efficiency and ability to work in any condition for any type of body build.

Since Immi had studied Jujitsu from his father, and then became a boxing, wrestling and gymnast champion, he had a pretty good idea of all the possibilities to prevail in a Hand to Hand Combat Scenario.

During his two year service in the British Czech Legions he was possibly acquainted with Fairbairn Fighting Methods of basic striking and kicking drills and knife and bayonet attack and defensive tactics.

Under the time constraint of the Israel Defence Force, and the need to tailor a uniformed system that will be suitable for any male or female soldier, and with the opportunity to intensively train mass amount of soldiers in all aspects of combat, a lot of experience was gained.

When you constantly seeing the whole picture you can draw conclusions and make improvement to your training methods.

Think of a man that was teaching Hand to Hand Combat with at least 20,000 hours of Instruction, all intensively from beginning to advance in the same day.

Striving to bring each soldier he trained to the same level of Combat experience in the very little training time allotted was forcing the training system to become distilled.
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Many students of Immi Sde Or aka Imrich Lichtenfeld had said that the logic behind Krav Maga makes them extrapolate decision making in other areas of their lives. Immi was the undisputed authority in the Israel Defense Force when it came to Krav Maga.

Hand-to-hand-combat, Self Defense, appears to be a virtue that anyone should aspire to possess. It is sort of a virtue of chivalry, and at the same time a necessity for survival of the genes, the justice, ensuring you live your life sanctifying the principles of freedom, and leaving them for the next generations.

Imrich was not the first to dedicate his life to serious Hand to Hand fighting training methods, nor he was the last. But his collection of applied logic, surely left the deep impression in his students minds. 

Students that read the book Krav Maga - Use Your Body as a Weapon, by Boaz Aviram, the Third in Lineage of Israel Defense Force Krav Maga Chief Instructors, had commented that it lead them to prioritize everything they do in life. Pure Krav Maga is also the logical way to create hierarchy of prioritization in one's life!
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