Guidelines for Testing Students Proficiency

Nothing wrong in excelling in a sport but self defense should be well rounded skills and not in winning sports competitions, but in awareness through understanding the limits both you and your opponent may have through lecture and training and using them to your favor when you can.[Boaz Aviram, Pure Krav Maga Founder]

Pure Krav Maga has all the techniques and the Tactics that the other Martial Arts have in their most efficient combination of form and prioritization geared for Self Defense Training under the constraint of reaction time. To be able to completely understand this statement you can read the book Krav Maga - Use Your Body as a Weapon!

Level I Testing

Mastering Sequential Execution of kicks, strikes defenses, use of weapons and defense vs. weapons, grappling Krav Maga techniques, using re-positioning if required, preemptive direction- changes responding to attack and control of soft pressure points.

Demonstrate Mastery of the use of Reaction Time during use of predetermined Techniques in strikes, kicks, grappling, knife and stick.

Mastering Pure Krav Maga Curriculum Techniques

Mastering Principles of Sparring

Mastering Knockout Power

Read the book Krav Maga - Use Your Body as a Weapon! at least once and used it for reference.

Level II Testing

Demonstrate ability to control various maneuvers and drills of shifting distances and moving from kicking to punching, to elbows, and soft pressure points with grappling and without.

Possess Sound Knowledge of History of Krav Maga with analytic comprehension in the differences should have read the book as many times as needed, done research on own on to see what is going on out there.

Demonstrate Mastery of Timing in any possible shape and way possible.

Stretch the training methods experience to the borderline to understand what a good option is and what is not.

Accumulate sufficient training time in dynamic realistic training.

Level III Testing
Purchased a set of the Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery Training Videos and viewed it few times.

Applied Experience in 12 Men Kumite 3 minutes each one minute rest between
12 Men Knife Kumite 3 Minutes each one, one minute rest between.

Running Through Crowd, Group Fighting Management

Mastered Firearms shooting with Drawing and putting a bullet in the target in 1.2 seconds or less. (Not Mandatory where not Possible.)

Pure Krav Maga Curriculum

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