Five Day Instructor Course

First you must ask yourself what is your motivation for taking something like this! Consider if it is just the quest to master self defense, the desire to teach it, or an implementation to existing background in a Martial Art or Fighting Sport, or some sense of a personal achievement.

Nothing wrong in excelling in a sport but self defense should be well rounded skills and not in winning sports competitions, but in awareness through understanding the limits both you and your opponent may have through lecture and training and using them to your favor when you can.[Boaz Aviram, Pure Krav Maga Founder]

Want KRAV MAGA and Want it Intensive and Want it to Fit your vacation? I think that Krav Maga today overall world wide is not taught in a way that makes any sense, meaning makes enough sense to an individual to know the difference of what is Krav Maga and what it is not, or in other words what is more efficient way to deal with H2H Generic Training and Application.

There is the limit of time for civilians(even in the military there is a limit of time for any training and a budget for priority of importance) about generic one week perhaps two weeks for” fanatics” (serious want to be instructors)that are willing towaste their entire vacation.

Then you need to consider what essence you are going to fit in this time frame that you choose. Most of the times, you can only fit software programming. That has to be done to perfection. Then your body adjusts to the new software on its own, as you are taking the time and training yourself or training others which forces you to go over what you learned.

And here comes the problem with people that want someone to walk them through any kind of physical activity. Aside from millions of civilians that are looking for cool way to keep their health while doing a cool art and learn few good moves…

For the market of Civilian Martial Artists that want to make a conversion about Krav Maga or just adopt the name generally the trend is not to make too many waves in their lifestyle…That still perpetuates…

Pure Krav Maga has all the techniques and the Tactics that the other Martial Arts have in their most efficient combination of form and prioritization geared for Self Defense Training under the constraint of reaction time.

To be able to completely understand this statement you can read the book Krav Maga - Use Your Body as a Weapon!

Pure Krav Maga Five Day Instructor Course Curriculum:

Participants Fitness Requirements:
You should be in minimum fitness
shape ready for the course since it is
quite intensive. There are no rules as
to what fitness level you need, but a
rule of thumb is that you should be able
to do 30 sit ups, 10 squats, at least 10
press ups / pushups (on toes or knees)
and get involved in some of aerobic
exercise like jogging or walking
intensively minimum two times a week
preferably three.

You will be asked to start stretching
few weeks before the course to
maximize joint movement and minimize
potential injury during the course. This
course is not a fitness quest!

But you will be using your body mind
and soul six hours a day in a low
impact mode and use muscles you
normally do not use as much.

At the beginning of each training day in
the first hour you will go through
extracted yoga stretches designed to
warm up and stretch your body for
the Krav Maga training.

The rest of the training day would be
much more involved. You will learn
techniques, principles and test your
techniques and principles and learn
to apply them to control your training
partners in the roles of opponents. Finally you will engage in controlled sparring drills with gradually increase in difficulty demanding you to master the control of a resisting opponent as he enters your territory - the hotzone!

The techniques will be learned first at
slow pace and then practiced at
increased speed. You will feel the
impact with your knuckles, elbows,
balls of the feet, knee, and elbows on
a punching mitt.

You will engage in throwing your
training partners, tripping, and of
course learn how to break fall safely
prior to this. You might have bruised
up forearms from practicing blocks.

If you are worried about it you could get
yourself a protective padded sleeves at
your local pharmacy, or surgical
supplies store. An ankle brace works
perfectly for that purpose when pulled on
our arm.

You will be given boxing gloves to
mitigate the contact on part of your
wrist and forearm somewhat and to
help instill the confidence in your skills
as you learn.

It just gives your training partners an
extra confidence in trying to punch you
without carelessly injuring you.

Generally is it a five day intensive
training course going over the intensive
training steps of the curriculum of
which you learn intensively and
therefore make the connection of the
essence of Hand to Hand Combat.

Since you train in the intensive steps,
you have the knowledge to train
someone else in it quickly. You do not
get in this short course Instructor

It is almost like getting a zip file in your
head where you can open it later and
complete the training. But what you do
get is more self defense geared
training including the essence of
fighting than you get anywhere else in
years of training.

Since you get a view of the whole
picture, and then break it down to the
smallest manageable part, make it
more efficient and effective, and then
put it back together.

From experience I had people with
years of martial arts, boxing or
wrestling experience that took the
course and became much better than
their previous training mates, and
students that never had any prior
related training doing as well in
sparring against the experienced ones.

Since many times they even do
better, the only explanation could be
thought of is that it takes some time to
unlearn bad habits.

Upon becoming an Instructor you will teach others, and as you teach it will force you to be on top of things and hone your skills to perfection. You will have all the answers in the book and
training DVD set.

From a personal experience after taking seven years of Judo, Jujitsu,Kyokushin Karate, and Aikido, after the first two hours of Krav Maga in the Israel Defense Force I've realized the sense that the seven years of Martial Arts training combined with heavy fitness training were an almost compete waste of time from a point of self defense capability.

I've realized I could have won all the
sparring and tournaments in the first
few seconds, and I've could have
avoided all the street fighting mistakes
I've gotten into.

The Martial Arts Instruction Category
is not a Government Regulated
Business. Therefore you have a
common sense based lineage that
brings students that spent years of
training to open their own school upon
getting a black belt rank based on the
sport of Judo Ranking System.

However there are many styles of
Martial Arts, and there is no one
common criteria of getting a Black Belt
but instead the time factor of spending
about five years in a school.

The Pure Krav Maga Instructor course
does not have the time to give the
extensive experience of running a
school, or standing in front of a class,
but it gives you the tools to train
another person or a small group of
people in all facets of Self Defense
and Unarmed Combat.

You do however receive intensive instruction
about how to control a group of
students and how to ensure safety in
training at all times and all levels. You
also get the hands on experience and
you learn the dangers of harm to the
human body in more depth than any
other martial art, and how to control
your training to keep it safe but
realistic to its limits.

The advantage of this course over
achieving a black belt in any other
martial art is that you acquire the most
efficient habits from the inception so
you do not have much of a chance to
acquire inefficient habits. You then
can get the experience through
practicing with the students you teach
or come back to more advanced

Unless you only speak a foreign
language you are strongly encouraged
to read the book Krav Maga - Use Your Body as a Weapon prior to
the course. This will calm your brain
during the course from the unexpected
bombardment in essential details, and
questions that will be forced to run in
your head.

It will also set up new learning channels in your mind. In addition reading the book alone will give you more confidence in yourself, your ability to defend yourself and your ability to complete the training process.

If you read the reviews you will learn
that for some people reading the book
it was a greater learning experience in
hand to hand combat than attending
few years of a civilian Krav Maga school.

As an instructor or for personal
training reference or even when you
do not have funds or access hands on
training, you should purchase the the Training DVD Set as well.

Advanced training is a common sense
putting time into honing your individual
skill with intensive training that again
based on your basic knowledge
breaks it down and put it together to a
more refined level.

An experienced Expert is correcting
you on the spot while you try to control
an unruly training partner which is
trained in the most efficient and
effective attack methods ever existed.

Watch the complete Israel Defense Forces Original Krav Maga 21 Hour Curriculum:

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