Logic in a Formula

If your try to choose a training system to learn to defend yourself, comparing Pure Krav Maga to other fighting sports and Martial Arts, I think if you want to simplify the comparison into a one formula it would be as follows:  Most efficient training x equal training time vs.  less efficient training x equal training time.

It is possible that you can do the job inefficient with more work, but if you have a split second to finish the job you need to be very efficient in the constraint of less than a few splits of a second.

If a fight lasts few more seconds you still need to be efficient within each split second of the confrontation, otherwise your chances to survive diminish as time passes.

Perhaps you can have someone "gain experience" over years of training, or program him in a short time of training as short as few days. However, if he does not realize that all it takes is a few split seconds to finish the job when it comes to Hand to Hand fighting, then he never learns Hand to Hand fighting, but just another Sport or Martial Art.

In addition, while experience is indeed invaluable as long as you survive it with minor injuries, however, how do you make sure that you are competitive enough to face the unknown?

There are over one Million people that are or were champions of some Martial Art or sport in this world and many more that live in another era. Where do you rank on this scale? What happen if each one of them had attacked you?

Well it is easier to compare a model than compare each one of them. So Pure Krav Maga's idea is to teach the most efficient way to do everything and the most efficient way to manage training time.

This means that you identify any potential danger and process of fighting between two individuals, and you draw conclusions from it and universal training plans.  You basically learn all the most efficient methods of attacks possible intensively!

Some people take any possible form of Martial Art and keep taking them out of a fear that maybe there is something out there that they are missing or should learn.

However while any individual in this world might be able to teach you something, there are only a limited amount of principles that should be distilled out of the methods of Hand to Hand Fighting.

One's brain would never be able to process a mass of experience in a split second without drawing proper conclusion out of the experience.

To make the long story short, let’s just say that history repeats itself and the number of bones and their shape in the human body has not been changed in at least in the last 100 years. The skeleton and bones dictate the range and direction of motion.Watch the complete Israel Defense Forces Original Krav Maga 21 Hour Curriculum:

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