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As some of you might already be aware of, there is a constant business conflict between providing services and collecting revenues or maintaining a job in this world.

If you read my book Krav Maga - Use Your Body as a Weapon, it will all become clear to you. I personally do not implement nor promote the belt system, but it appears that most people around the world are doing it as it helps retain membership.

In fact in my ranking system I allotted only three levels to the students and up to 7 levels to instructors to encourage instructors more than students to responsibly teach people self defense and teach it fast!

I have no doubt that after they take my course they have the tools to teach real self defense. Perhaps in basic level but that basic level exceeds by far any other Martial Art style or Civilian Krav Maga schools to teach self defense.

However, I have no say about my students’ ways of promoting their business. I am personally upset however with excessive marketing attempts with disregard to ability or will or right to teach or claim to teach something people are not qualified for.

The circumvention of use of various trademarks or non trademarked systems all for catching a fish for the day is a common practice around the muddy Martial Arts Business.

Iv'e devised a pattern to ensure the preservation of the Original Israel Defense Force Krav Maga, that was never taught to most of Imrich Lichtenfeld Civilian Black belts and it was never taught completely to everyone that graduated a special or non special unit in the IDF.

While it is preferable to teach Pure Krav Maga in a few days seminar, if stretched over biweekly hours, Instructors have to have a method of control of the material mastered and additional seminars are recommended.

Many schools implement fitness and other fun activities to retain membership. However if self defense is your main or even secondary objective, beware of substitutes. 

I believe my book itself empowers individuals to take self control to the whereabouts or their progress of their learning and a very good idea what training they are still missing. Imrich himself used to say that when he could not learn anything he would change his teacher.

Feel free with any questions at any time and feel free to read my blog as well linked to

I suggest you try the list of qualified Instructors that love Krav Maga more than they love the fitness or marketing world.

I am aware that we live in a small world which does not leave much room for political maneuvers, but when someone wants to learn something, you need to find the right instructor.

They say life is a learning experience. I think they mean you learn many things you wish you did not know anyway, but you need to dictate the speedy pattern to 
learn the things you can use to navigate your life.
Watch the complete Israel Defense Forces Original Krav Maga 21 Hour Curriculum:

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