Principles of Pure Krav Maga

Techniques Learning and Practice:
-Most efficient Attack Methods are crucial - In plain words its about reaching your training partners' or opponents pressure points first.

-Learning your limits [Awareness; Danger Assessment; Hot-zone; Pressure Points Manipulation and Effects; Reaction Time; Solid Logic and Math of Bio-mechanics of Impact and Push and Pull; Prioritization; Tactical Navigation; Safety in Training].

-Maximizing your Skills within the limits[learning the advantages and disadvantages of Efficiency]

-Demo and Explanation[to gear up student's minds].

-Sequential Execution[to ensure most efficient sequence to complete the objective as fast as possible].

-Prioritization[learn how to see and take the shortest routes in reaching the final objective to prevail]. 

-Specific Drills

Tactics Learning:

- Sparring Live drilling of combining all the options learned and training the mind and body to digest them and put them together and test the functionality of the ability to respond to danger most efficiently].
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