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A demo reflects the knowledge of the responsible teacher of Self Defense and Hand to hand combat. Self Defense is the intention of one defending himself righteously. Hand to hand Combat is the need to Know How to be able to defend oneself against the unpredictable intent and skills of a possible attacker!

It’s no magic but all about the Human Body navigation of reach to pressure points controlling them first.  

Unfortunately the comedian art of Hollywood baffles viewers’ expectations of mythical and realistic cold truth! Therefore I would not expect myth exhibition of such when wanting to train and learn Hand-to-Hand Combat!

What I would expect is to see a prioritized organized consolidated method of generating devastating impact and push and pull under the constraint of the human reaction time in the hotzone. I therefore would expect to see a potential fast surprise motion to close the gap with the primary kick or punch reaching a realistic distance to lunge the final punch or kick with ability to pass the intended pressure point 3 to 5 inches penetration to provide sufficient neurological pain and damage to stop or delay follow up strikes.

I would expect to see one way blocks or deflections possible from the initial position and distance the attack was noticed. I would expect to see a methodical uniformed way to learn how to use the body leverages for un-projected knock out strikes or crushing kicks.

I would also expect to see the most efficient way of escapes against the most efficient methods of attempts to restraint. You should do all the prioritization in your training and come up with a consolidated approach as when being attacked you do not have time to think as it can take a split second to kill you!

I would expect a logical tactical approach expecting the most challenging opponent. That means that you start with kicks in the long range follow up with punches as you get closer, then elbows knife hand strikes, knee kicks and neck leverage manipulation and eye gouging and ball plucking. You only reverse this order if the opponent managed to escape. You only need follow up attacks if your previous attacks did not reach as the attacker escaped or were not devastating.

When you train you need to quickly see the whole combat picture with all the possibilities of opponents’ escapes and blocks to all directions possible and learn how to follow up. You cannot do half a job and not even 90 percent job.

You need to see correction of students to a level or perfection not repeating basic errors as drills become more complex. So Three Stooges slap and eye poke exchanges by surprise while in the hotzone are impossible if you know the limits of the human reaction time. You need to be the first to reach and follow up properly not to reverse the fortunes again.


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Renzo Gracie Garwood said...

Enjoyed reading the article above , really explains everything in detail, the article is very interesting and effective. Thank you and good luck for the upcoming articles.