When you have a training system that is documented and analyzed from all angles, you can be sure whether it is likely to work or not.

Out of approximately 170 Martial Arts out there, there is only one well documented!  Its called Pure Krav Maga.

That should make you wonder that if it is documented and analyzed in comparison to all the other from all aspects of the matrix perhaps it is the most suitable training system for hand to hand combat which is what you need to use for the act of Self Defense…

Hint..if you believe that other Martial Arts are superior for hand to hand combat then you have the opportunity here to use your logic as they are all compared and documented.  This is something that was never done in this fashion to any other Martial Art...

The book Krav Maga – Use Your Body as a Weapon documents the history of hand to hand combat, the human pressure points, the Krav Maga original ballpark two hundred techniques and their correct sequential execution,  the optimal training drills...  all from the source third in lineage Israel Defense Forces Krav Maga Chief Instructor.

The PureKrav Maga Self Defense Mastery Training DVD Set compress these 200 techniques into seven and a half hours including all the training and correction steps.  The curriculum calls for 21 hours of core curriculum to allow sufficient training time and students corrections.

The Israel Defense Forces Original curriculum is presented in whole 24 hour training sessions including the selected warm up section on the Youtube topexpert10 channel.

The book The Krav Maga Expert analyzes hand to hand combat entirely.

All of the above is presented by second to none Former Israel Defense Forces Krav Maga Top Expert with superior analytical skills of a Certified Public Accountant Auditor…

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