Understanding Pure Krav Maga Using Combat Sports Experience / Boaz Aviram

The craze of Mixed Martial Arts Type competitions and training gyms are a good example for the variety of training methods including fitness, techniques and tactics.

For someone with vast experience of Israel Defense Forces Krav Maga training, you can see a pattern and make educated observations to compare the two.
The common thing is that whether in Self defense, or hand to hand combat training or sports and entertainment sparring, dismemberment gouging and ripping are disallowed.

It is the responsibility of trainers and training and sparring partners and referees to preserve the minimum safety to prevent severe damage!
It is the human nature of many athletes as well not to injure their competitors if they do not have to. 

But what MMA did collectively in bulk is added whole systems or at least the exact selected techniques and tactics of each one of them, and simply trained its competitors in them without major adjustments.  If these techniques had lost their full perfection is because the MMA trainers did not take the time to learn and tech them perfectly.  Most of them rely on the power of the Mix anyway with the assumption that if one method would not work you try another. 

Other assumptions for example that it does not have to be perfect as long as it works, is off the wall complete ignorant cover up excuse for lack of qualifications.  While some people associate technique perfection with beauty, symmetry, speed, expression, athletic exhibition, the only characteristic from a hand to hand combat training system perspective, is efficiency in all aspects of the matrix. 

What are all aspects of the matrix of efficiency?  In Hand to Hand Combat the goal is to control your opponents by reaching their control points called pressure points before they can reach yours! So the first coordinate of efficiency would be a straight line from the defender’s strikes to the attacker’s pressure points.

The second coordinate of efficiency would be using the best leverages of the human body to create maximum speed and maximum weight shift during impact.

The third coordinate of efficiency would be to find the limits of human reaction time – the time that a human can still stop an incoming strike of a kick or a stab or a strike with a weapon in the shortest distance possible by surprise.

The fourth coordinate of efficiency is consolidation of similar reach and pressure point control methods and defensive block methods and attempting to use uniformed solution for as many possibilities as possible. For example any straight punch to the head would be blocked and countered with the same method.  

This forth coordinate is actually becomes tactical solutions because of its complexity.  It is dependent on the first three: efficient methods of reach; the most efficient methods of using leverages to generate impact and block impact and leverage pressure points and escape from them; the limits of the human reaction time and the timing and limits of surprising an opponent managing to reach his pressure points without interference, and what is the best method to do it considering your body leverages, its reaction time, and no restricting rules.

If you look at fighting sports you see that each one perfected every option and angle allowed within the safety rules that it has.  But when you combine them together, you see that each sports attacks and defenses will not work all the times when you add other attacks and defense control methods.

Some of the principles used in Krav Maga are reach with the closest limb for attack and defense. That makes sense. When you see someone kicking with his cross leg or punching with his cross hand, that is because that at a certain point and time that limb became closer to the opponent , or was the next ready and available limb for action.  

But when you see someone just lunging and attacking with his rear leg or cross punch first, it is obvious that although he might succeed, he is not being efficient.  His success would only depend of the lack of knowledge of his opponent to take advantage of this error!

If you take the jab and compare it to the drop punch.  There is no weight shift with the jab!  You move both feet close to the opponent maintaining your center of gravity in balance so you can immediately retreat and tap your opponent with your glove.  With the drop punch however, you lung and shift all your weight by extending your torso over your center of gravity  and your shoulder would be positioned way ahead of your toes.  While the defensive tactic in case of the jab would be your ability to run back, you have to have another tactical plan with the drop punch! 

For a low punch to the floating ribs or the liver you would dip your torso forward.  Your tactical defense would be to dip your torso to the opposite direction!  You can do the same with the drop punch. Your torso dip is not as great as the low punch dip, but instead when you throw the cross punch, you return to center of gravity balance.  The stopping point after the retraction of the arm, the positioning of your arms at that point and the immediate readiness to deliver the cross punch to any direction would give you the tactical defense en route.

If you look at all up to date MMA public fights, there is the same pattern for the winners and the losers.  Winners would tend to be more efficient along the chain of defense, while losers would tend to be less efficient through the chain of defense.  

Sometimes you see a perfect immediate knock out kick from the long range, and sometimes the fight moves back and forth within the kicking, punching and grappling ranges.  Part of this pattern has to do with forgoing opportunities trying not to severely hurt the opponent, and part of it is due to ignorance losing an opportunity.  

But when you see someone knocking his opponent out with a seesaw motion kick to the chin, a good side kick to the center body, a good front and back roundhouse kicks to the head or center body, or even the legs, a drop punch, hitting the liver, kidneys or the sides or back of the head in grappling scenarios you see an example of the tactics of Pure Krav Maga.  

Of course they would be masked with the glove, with the limitations of obvious soft pressure points and the semi ignorance and limitation of applying immediate judgment for the amount of force to be used to dangerous areas of those that execute them.

While it takes thirty hours to master Pure Krav Maga, there are no rules and limitation of time in mastering MMA, and still it's not a safe method to use for self defense!
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