The process of learning Pure Krav Maga / Boaz Aviram

Learning Pure Krav Maga takes about 30 hours of Intensive Programming. Of course you can repeat the course few more times in various shapes and forms and regurgitate it to above perfection. But the key in learning is gearing your mind to the process of self defense and understanding every aspect of it, while drilling essential components of it and synchronizing your mind, body and soul all during that short intensive time of 30 hours. 

-Why Thirty hours: The IDF course original Krav Maga Course was about 100 hours of practicing Krav Maga Techniques, learning how to apply them in sparring methods in a combination of virtual reality system to minimize injuries and maximize learning, and  learning how to teach them, and getting evaluated on teaching them. There was also extra fitness activities built into the course to gain broad fitness skills from the Israel Defense Forces Fighting Fitness Academy Fitness Instructors. 

In this thirty hour course you are learning in a smaller group self defense in simplified broken down complexity of detailed program.  If you only have 10 students in a class as opposed to 40, you can cut the training time accordingly, as you have less people to pay attention to during the intensive detailed training.  

You will not have time for lesson evaluation in this course, however your instructor assumes that if you can demonstrate mastery of the course, and you’ve learned it intensively through the breaking down its building blocks and putting them back together, you must have the potential to help others learn it in the same way. Of course the more you teach it the better you will become proficient. Pure Krav Maga offers advanced training as well which aside from rehearsing the prior curriculum, and regurgitating it, students get the opportunity to repeated exposure of corrections of errors and misconceptions, and get evaluated on teaching skills and get constructive comments in both. So basically you get the option to rehearse, perfect, and clean up repeatedly.

Thirty Intensive hours amount to most convenient intensive five days of training with 6 hours per day of which one hour consists of warming up and stretching using selected techniques extracted from yoga specifically for Krav Maga training.

The construction of the intensive course, is geared to help the mind and body memorize the essence of hand to hand combat. That prioritizes the time spent on learning the complex material such as generation of impact and blocking impact complex motions,  to save all the physical and mental force for that purpose. The sequence of learning is important as well. Teaching the essence of self defense is teaching how to prevent giving a potential attacker the opportunity to control your own pressure points, and learning how to control opponents using their pressure points first. The chain of defense from greater distance down to the close range is also a key in memorization and gasping of the essence.  But more important the Chain of Defense Principle is about learning to neutralize an opponent from a distance first to save more options if the previous failed up to the point of which there are no options left!

Once students master the principles of generation of the force of impact, the force of push and pull, and get a good control of their opponent/training partner’s pressure points and limb manipulations and understanding and manipulations of the reaction time in all its aspect, and how to prioritize in real time decision, they can move into complex drills of sparring and testing the limits. Once their minds master the learning process of the most complex motions, they are able to learn other techniques easier, and then fit more techniques per hourly training time.

Another essential aspect of the choice of what to teach before the rest, is according to the assigned thoughtfulness of importance of most dangerous aspect to eliminate.

So the process consists of learning the dangers having your pressure points being exposed to harm, then learning how to harm someone in minimum amount of time in various methods, that through them you can extrapolate any method possible. After that, students learn how to stop these most unexpected attacks on time in the best option to prevent any other possible attack. The only psychology of self defense you practice is gearing your mind into learning of worst case scenario options. The psychological aspect of gaining confidence is really not psychological, but mental and physical by trial and error in an intensive fashion which lets your draw conclusions fast!

Of course you can learn Krav Maga over longer amount of time, or even only selected training chapters without the complete curriculum, but you better be informed what you are missing, and remember to pick it up at a later date planned according to a good curriculum and quality control methods.