In colleges and universities, you need to take enough classes of various levels to get your diplomas. The selection of the courses and levels are designed to encourage a well rounded thinking person with analytical and professional’s skills.

Pure Krav Maga repeated one week of five days intensive training is the civilian best option for quality self defense training.

The model for it is the third in lineage Israel Defense Forces Krav Maga Chief Instructor personal Krav Maga training experience in achieving the rank of IDF Krav Maga Top Expert! The process and requirements are empirical.

In the IDF you take the about 200 Krav Maga Techniques and about 21 drills and learn them in 21 hours. You repeat it 3 times in the three week course span which is required to provide for lesson evaluations and testing. If you are selected to instruct at the IDF Fighting Fitness Academy and thus certify future Krav Maga Instructors, you are then evaluated at least 3 times while teaching the instructor course.

So you take the Pure Krav Maga One week course or more precisely 5 days. During the training and drilling, the instructor keeps an eye on your performance and after you have the opportunity to be corrected through the training steps, the simple training drills which become gradually more complex, your bad habits are being corrected and you may repeat them as the pressure increase due to the nature of the complexity of the drills and be corrected again and again. You are then assumed to remember the techniques and training drills, and if you don’t it’s all in the book and training videos for reference, you are being certified as a Pure Krav Maga Instructor level 4. You have the free hand to award your students Pure Krav Maga levels 1-3 patches.

You repeat the course while participating in the same level 4 instructor course again with new students. You have a second time to have all your bad habits extracted out and corrected advancing through the training drills. You are now level 5 Master Instructor!

Repeat the course again, and cycle the dirty laundry and you become level 6 Senior Master Instructor.

Now you are getting close to the requirement to be able to teach the whole curriculum intensively again. You need to demonstrate the mastery of remembering the whole curriculum, being able to put up a lesson plan, and be evaluated and corrected on your teaching skills. This is a step toward understanding what it needs to be like to be able to do it all by yourself intensively. If you are making progress instead of reverting to old bad training habits, you are now level 7 Advanced Senior Master Instructor.

Now for level 8 you need to become an expert. You need to be evaluated through your training and teaching on control of the whole curriculum and its training drills and emphasis points. Some lessons you are going to teach and be evaluated on, and the rest you will demonstrate proficiency as you just do the training drills in front of the instructor. You either pass or do not! In any case you will be given an itemized list of what inefficiencies you are lacking and need to work on. If you passed you are now level 8 Krav Maga Expert.  You are now allowed to teach the Intensive Pure Krav Maga Instructor Course!

The book Krav Maga – Use your Body as a Weapon, training steps lists the teaching steps which are the same as the training steps of the about 200 techniques of the curriculum.

The Pure Krav Maga – Self Defense Mastery DVD Set has the hands on demonstration of all the lessons in the curriculum with all the possibilities of errors and their corrections.

You are doing a great job for the community and teaching great instructor courses while being evaluated on some and you are reaching level 9 Krav Maga Top Expert. The founder will have to attend the follow up higher level instructor rankings. The founder dies and you become the key man or woman in this virtual system of Pure Krav Maga Quality Control.

So in the five days Pure Krav Maga Instructor course, the Instructor, is doing the monitoring, correcting and scoring of proficiency in all the 200 techniques and training drills. He later is doing all the monitoring of your mental process in reaching levels of expertise in the training system.

Five days model is selected because unfortunately this is what the above average student is willing to give to the sore subject of self defense which should in fact be one of the top priorities of all people to conduct a prosper and safe life.