Pure Krav Maga H2H Dynamics Evaluation / Boaz Aviram

Pure Krav Maga H2H dynamics evaluation can be applied to actual sports matches, Pure Krav Maga Sparring, Martial Arts and Movies Fight Choreography, or aftermath self defense or hand to hand combat occurrences to pass judgement on abilities and need for improvement in training and comprehension.

The evaluation is broken down for few segments for the ease of control and detailed attention to the essence:

-Mode of response preserving your life and dignity vs. preserving an opponent's life and dignity;Deescalation

-Chain of defense over reaction time

-Use of leverage in impact efficient dynamics and passing of the target at sufficient impact about 3-5 inches, or ability to so so if using modified force according to the reach.

-Dynamic Tactical foreseeing of all the possibilities before each tactical hotzone entry in the chain of defense, and choice of appropriate solution presented.

-Final Choice of controlling the opponent and your own safety before departing.