Pure Krav Maga Blocks - The Most Suitable for Self Defense!/Boaz Aviram

-You might argue that boxing side step is good enough to block kicks, Boxing blocks and slides, bob and weave are definitely irrelevant. Yet boxers can end up taking various kicks to the lower body, legs, balls and torso(liver and heart). Some of the defensive boxing stances positioning the fists below the cheeks help slide straight punches when bursting with attack. While they do not take care of hooks and uppercuts, they are definitely useless against kicks.

-Karate blocks are useless against boxing punches! Even against kicks they usually require delivering a blow to the opponent's limb while retreating, needing to move back for the counter attack.

-Jujitsu infamous pliers blocks occupy both hand allowing the opponent to deliver a continuous attack of blows.

-Keysi Pensador/Pensattack of wrapping the arm around the head using the forearm to pad the blows and the point of the elbow to deliver impact is definitely not a comprehensive methods to block kicks to the groin and lower limbs while standing, and does not facilitate immediate counter attack.

-Wing Chun's continuous deflection of attacks might block straight line continuous attack, but would not be so efficient if the line of attack becomes below the torso!

-Aikido taesabaki might be good against projected karate kicks, but less effective against non projected Krav Maga kicks. It definitely becomes less effective against non projected boxing and Krav Maga punches.

-All of the aforementioned methods can retreat to timing of opening the distance where the attacker cannot reach, and while being on the borderline of the breakeven reaching distance try to grab the opponent's limb and manipulate it to control him. While pushing or pulling on the arm or leg, the opponent needs the rest of the limbs to maintain balance and therefore cannot attack allowing for more time to bring him down to a complete control or impact with the floor to his head or other bad angle damaging fall.

-All of the aforementioned methods can also look for the window of opportunity when the opponent is stalling standing in one place thinking what to do, or even fake and attack to one direction and while the opponent responds to it, make a forward move to attack in a different direction.

-Grappling attacks where one lunges aiming to the whole body or lower limbs to take his opponent out of balance following up with impact on the floor and limiting the opponent's capability to use his limbs to deliver impact finishing with restraint choke or even impact again is using the last two methods of tactics only - not being too close when impact is coming but moving in when the opponent is stalling.

-Immi Sde Or- as known as Imrich Lichtenfeld, revealed the reaction time component which takes advantage of the element of surprise by minimizing motion and projection of attacks and defenses and by doing so minimizing the opponent's opportunity to feint an attack, and to continue attacking.  If you use the reaction time principle to guide you throughout the planning and drill devising of the curriculum, you plan and train intensively to know what all the options are and how to deal with them effectively.  You know exactly how the opponent can attack and block and counter with any of the aforementioned tactics, and you know the limits of the reaction time, so you can be ahead of him at each possibility leading him to a loss!

-If you keep all the aforementioned methods in mind, you will certainly come to realize that Pure Krav Maga Tactical Entries into the hotzone are the best training solutions suitable for Self Defense!

-You might come to think of it that it borrowed elements and principles from all of the above methods, but putting things together sometimes is the most important thing for problem solution!

-While its evident that many martial artist and combat sports athletes were successful at time executing blocks and counter attacks at times, it appears that lack of consistency and looking at the whole picture contributed to piecemeal training without understanding the comprehensive principles behind them and therefore to a reduced rate of success by more than fifty percent and this is not what you want when you are defending your life in a few split second of life or death confrontation!

-When you extrapolate your conclusions when it comes to weapons defense, you will find out that the same careless and thoughtless technique devising procedure were applied and you should conclude in the same line of thought.