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-Become an expert in self defense!

-This is the Real Sigma Black Belt Course You need in Life as Most Martial arts! 

–It is recommended to anyone including professionals in Medicine, Law and any profession; it will teach you the insight of classifying objectives, and arriving at solutions of complex matters as life command you!

-While Self Defense is the preservations of any human’s inalienable rights it gives the one who possesses these true skills the peace of mind in pursuit of success and happiness and protection from harm’s way.

-But the real example you get is the building of mental skills and physical skills to sort through complex matter and perfect the parts and piece them together!

- If someone wants to be an expert in hand to hand combat they should read this book.

- Don’t be impressed with Krav Maga – it’s just a name!

- Walk away with an understanding of the way an expert sees things!

- Be able to understand what they’re getting themselves into!

- In depth matrix type understanding bottom up top down all the angles!

- Visualize all of the concepts of hand to hand combat fighting training systems!

- In the eyes of someone who’s trained the military!

- How to face the worst unknown attack and get out in good shape!

- You need to become an expert otherwise you would not be able to handle yourself!

- This book is the best mental training for becoming an expert in Krav Maga written by former IDF Krav Maga Top Expert, third in Lineage of Chief Krav Maga Instructors after the founder Imi Lichtenfeld and his successor Eli Avikzar. The Author is also a Certified Public Accountant.


Protecting yourself, Self preservation

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