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1- If the stabber is executing a proper straight stab, you dont have the time to move your feet before the block In fact you want to refrain teaching moving your feet before the block. You have to adjust your stance by bending your knees if the attacker dips for a low stab. Unless you are standing facing the live side. Then your foot will be in the air before the stab because you are pushing your belly backward to avoid the blade. 

That alone will not let you move too far from the attacker so it also hels control his possible second attack as you follow his retracting arm with a leap forward landing with yoru foot behind his front foot. During that leap you want to maintain pressure at the end of your thumoutward pivot keeping the elbow below his arm not letting it escape and presuring forward not letting him cut your belly. 

2. As you landed on his deadside, your arm then flips back to catch his wrist applying pressure with your elbow on his arm. 

3. You execute a counter attack with your cross hand (you might need to counter attack few times to slow down his resistance and keep adjusting your control position following him with small steps maintaining your foot behind his). 

4. You then grab his fist with your cross hand and throw your front foot behind while keeping both arms at yoru belt level pulling his rear foot off the ground so he would not be able to do it to you when you kick his balls. 

5. Extract the knife by digging your fingers like peeling an orange skin (you should have no resistance after you kicked his balls). 

6. if you were positioned to move into his live side after the block you land forward moving yoru blocking hand to immediate knife hand strike to the side of the neck. 

7. You then look to catch his wrist with your cross hand being carefull not to cut yoruself. 

8. You swing his arm inward as your throw your front leg backward and pull him to take him off balance before you kick. 

9. You peel the knife with your fingertips from the butt down. 

10. You follow up with reversed tip slash to the throat while holding the knife in top-down position.



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