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Any stance can be used before and after but not during the most efficient reach from maximum distance in the first attack and follow up strikes! The thing this stance is just the most efficient training stance serving to program the brain in efficient combat motion when not in neutral position but in walking or moving mode when one side of the body is in front and the other side is behind. 

The thing is any stance is related to gravity and really while you are punching and kicking you might be standing on one foot or landing on one or two feet a spleet second after you lunge your fist or foot into the opponent's body. As from telegraphy point of your intention to feint or not to feint, there is not point of pretending you are a tiger and fighting like a crane because you really do not know what kidn of animal your opponent is thinking like, and you are wasting your time and your luck to see if your feint was productive or not and it can cost you your life! 

But from gravity on the globe point of view, this stance teaches you where is the north pole and hot to get there with your front side and back side of the body most efficiently from a normal walking position without "walking" when you are close to the hot zone or in it! Instead with lunging dipping rolling or jumping but this stance if to "have" a front side and a back side a live side and a dead side to start and teach principles of motion from static motion as is is just easier to do to break down combat motion to its smallest component!


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