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170 Martial Arts Styles out there!  Each has a unique and favorite approach for either exhibition, acrobatics, fitness, sparring and resilience to pain.  But when forced to mix and spar or pose self defense solution, they have to embrace some other chain of defense mechanism from the other arts.

Yet with the mentality of focusing on their traditional flavors, let’s say when a Jujitsu Master adding strikes for self defense training or for planning to enlist in MMA competition, yet the purpose is to train his students to use Jujitsu against strikes and kicks.  It is the same pattern usually for any other martial arts.  Why do they pick for that purpose let’s say limited boxing or karate strikes? 

Do they really train their students to be proficient in striking and blocking in the most efficient way to maximize reach to the opponents’ pressure points with devastating impact or at least sufficient distraction to move to the closer chain of defense range?

Well from the history of MMA it is obvious that they did not!  Instead of having a comprehensive method, they in fact applied their current habits of adding few techniques and thinking their bulk of their training system would do the rest. Sometimes it helps the mass fitness, but history has shown that most of the time their students and masters attempted to learn while sparring.  Luckily, MMA is a civilized sport, so not too many suffered crippling injuries.  

But what about when you teach self defense and you want your Kids, Parents, Teenagers, Men and Women students to become proficient in self defense?  You better cover all the options in the chain of defense from all the angles possible thoroughly in their training so fighting would be in their comfort zone!  Pure Krav Maga is a good Training System for that purpouse!


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