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There are more than 170 Martial Arts. Most of them have a Grandmaster that studied few styles before becoming an originator of his system!  

Each style has roots in tradition of the base core martial arts which either trains to use weapons, grappling, punching and kicking or all of the above.

Most of these Styles are taught over long training periods such of five to ten years in which combat fitness, and hundreds of techniques for each style are drilled in various methods.

The major problem of these structures is that they are run like dictatorships which burned the history and knowledge books. This is an analogy only! But the intensity and structure of these training are quite hard and confusing so one doesn’t get a chance to see the whole picture and see if that is going to help him master hand to hand combat! 

Each style prompts their students to train in agreed upon techniques and training drills. When public sparring vs. other styles happens, it is the individual with least sufficient skills that loses. Efficiency is a key component to all training which promote sufficient skills to the weakest person possible! Efficiency is the exact training for the purpose of winning a confrontation.

Because agreed upon sparring rules dictate the combat fitness necessary to prevent serious injuries, really winnings are not in combat but in sports drills!

To really train someone in best way possible to win in a deadly confrontation, should be done in the most efficient way which will serve him in his weakest moments and allow the weakest people possible to gain sufficient life saving skills.

The key components for such efficient training are creating a limiting framework:

-Planned Comprehensive Training Time

-Human Reaction Time and the Hotzone Concept!

-Prioritization of Sequence of Techniques

-Prioritization of Choice of Techniques

-Prioritization of Chain of Defense Methods of Reaching and Preventing Pressure Points Reach!

While the 170 Martial Arts with their unique styles and training drills that require five to ten years of training in each with few hundred techniques each still never reach a complete realistic training cycle against the realistic harms of a self defense confrontation, using the above principles in Pure Krav Maga had cut the techniques to two hundred, the drills to fifteen, and the training time between one to three weeks!

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