I do not give belts! Civilian Krav Maga was giving belts and it was not Krav Maga. It lost its lethal elements! They did not teach everything when they broke it down to a belt curriculum, to keep students for 5 years black belt achievement with 2 lessons per week of which 3/4 was warm up and fitness. 

Instead of giving students combat navigation and teaching them how to generate force with strikes and kicks and limiting the drills to the human reaction time, the spent a quarter of a lesson to teach the choreography of the techniques without ever putting all al the training elements together. 

In the Israel Defense Forces, where it was originated however, it was 3 weeks of intensive training rehearsing the same technqiues intensively with ample time for corrections, evaluations and testing the combat navigation and efficient force generation. At some point when they ran out of Israel Defense Forces Instructors, they contaminated the Israel Defense Forces with Civilian Krav Maga!

The Judo Belt System founded by Gigoro Kano and adopted by many martial arts including Civilian Krav Maga was designed to show ranking of seniority and expertese!   By adopting the belt system alone, it was supposed to encourage students to come to their sports weekly sessions, become proficient in the system after 5 years of training and become proficient instructor after passing the first three black belts ranks.  

While there is no reason to criticize this system of commercial motivation and professional promotion, its origination in Japanese sports which was derived from Samurai Combat Training System, the Judo was only a small part of this training system with its lethal elements extracted and with addition of extended curriculum that did not focus on realistic combat.  

In essence instead of giving belts for generations as a form of return for training and payment, the non sports martial arts that followed that ranking system neglected to focus on the essence of combat training, and the quality control of training and testing students in all the aspects of realistic combat.  

Therefore, when you have an efficient instensive combat training system of which you can train and keep the quality and results in a matter of few weeks, you simply do not have time to deal with belts ceremonies but have to concentreate on the training, the correction and the details of combat.

On a final note if you lets say give a comparative belts in martial arts to demonstrate the ability to fight or prevail in self defense or seniority in ranking you are comparing apples and oranges. Most Martial Arts of Impact only or Grappling only neglect the other parts of essence of Combat and also those mixed martial arts sports neglect them too.  Finally most martial arts and combat sports neglect the realistic limits of the human reaction time and setting objective of developing sufficient universal combat navigation abilities and efficient kicking and striking methods.  So why use a belt and divert students from the essence of reaching an ability to defend themselves quickly against the universal hand to hand combat limits?



Jovan Wong said...

Right on! Love this post!

Tim McKitrick said...

That statement on No belts is so true. Krav Maga has gotten so advertised and What I believe watered down in some schools because its all about is making the money and not making a very skilled fighters in Krav Maga.Krav Maga Is a very good System. I am very impressed by the books and video's Pure Krav Maga has made. Good Job!