A tactical move that was taught in Civilian Krav Maga to lean the torso back against the jab and the follow up cross and come back and hook the cross down. However, I've extracted this technique out because it did not make any tactical sense! As in Pure Krav Maga you do not simply bombard with punches without seeing where the target is at any split second! Since you are dealing with counter to counter of the best tactical approach, you do not need to deal with all sorts of possibilities. 

So if your opponent leaned back evading a jab or perhaps a drop punch which is harder to evade in that way because the attacker is hovering and adjusting the distance and can reach far, you never automatically deliver the cross without adjusting your aim to either side he might move his head. In this scenario if you saw him moving his head backwards, you can follow up with a side kick to the knee with your front foot and a back hand strike, or just wait for him to bring his head back to the front and let his hand hook the air, and only then come with your counter! 

A final note on this one is that if you think why not keep this tactic to be used when someone does bombard you with punches think again that one of the main problem of martial arts is the magnitude of number of techniques which are duplications of specific techniques applied to non resisting opponent or non challenging opponent. 

So with that in mind Krav Maga was able to extract all the superficial gamut of techniques that were designed to less efficient and less prioritized tactically approach and be left with stuff that works all the times...

When any system or product is created there will be some errors and defects. The advantage of Krav Maga however, was to take into account all the errors that the other martial arts and fighting sports have done and fixing them. Still it is the distillation of the mind set and the terminology, objectives and training methods on all the aspects of the training method that needed to be clearly put out and documented in depth and in summary for the convenience of controlling the training process and the trust, but yet it needed to be tested with competent training partners trained to maximize the use of the human reaction time limits!


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