What do you expect as a student when you want to learn Self defense?

What do you expect as an Instructor when you want to teach self defense?

You better have a better plan than all the others or at least as good as the best plan out there to teach or to learn or both! Think what techniques you need, what tactics, how to learn and teach them intensively. Monitor your own learning by watching yourself executing the techniques and drills in sufficient speed. Test them against your training partners. But before you start you need to see what you are looking for in your training of self defense. Life if about survival first!

However Self Defense is confined to controlling opponents throughout their pressure points in your territory and not letting them control you! That way you stay safe and not get hurt or killed by surprise. You need to expect everything. How do you make it easier to expect everything is by categorizing similar expectations and learning enough points of reference so you can draw the whole picture and expand it into details or summarize it with outlines.

There are billions of students and instructors out there and many that were not satisfied on their first school feeling either it was a waste of time, or that they did not cover enough so they went to learn in few other schools several years each and they either got tired of searching for the truth or believed in a false reality that they would probably never learn in this lifetime.

Well Twenty-One Hour of Core Curriculum of the Original Israel Defense Forces Krav Maga should be your first stop! It’s the only systematic compressed training system tested by your own logic. Complex it is but you would find no other system after you spend about twenty-one hours reviewing all its complex and detailed aspects of learning in training in a live free YouTube Video Playlist.

Of course you can also try and train at the same time and kill two birds in one shot. But its best to first calm your mind’s fighting all the garbage that was previously put into it. The book Krav Maga – Use Your Body as a Weapon is a comprehensive supplementary reading detailing in writing and twelve-hundred photos how the two-hundred techniques and seventeen training drills – the only prioritized material you should ever be using for self defense and hand to hand combat should be done, why and why anything else should not.

You are invited to put the instructor's cap and do lesson evaluations, course evaluation, and student proficiency evaluation all through watching a complete Pure Krav Maga Course free on YouTube videos Playlist!

Depending on your logic, ambitions, and strive for perfection in self and students, or greed in teaching nothing and getting a lot of money and giving back nothing, your mind would lead you. But remember if your potential student was watching these videos he would have to tools to see through your crooked plans.

The book The Krav Maga Expert which is larger than any bible is basically telling you why you should not use anything else for self defense and doing so by presenting any possible argument used by fighting sports and martial arts instructors and turning them around for a reversal of fortunes!

Watch the Youtube topexpert10 Original IDF Krav Maga twenty- four session Playlist (Since Specific warmup is included in the Core Curriculum) if you really want to get your basics of survival in order!
YouTube complete course on video

Training Manual

Complete Critical Mental Training

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