Product quality decline in Hand to Hand Combat.

I chose to write on hand to hand combat because it is a training system designed to use for last resort self defense when there are no other options whether to the military, police or civilians.

With modern library systems whether tangible or virtual one can search tons of information and use his or her logic to figure things out for his or her best interests.

It seems that historically there was rise and fall of empires, militaries, martial arts popularities, and combat sports and their champions. Aside for disintegration of large organizations and individuals, due to age, war, and economic hardship, there were few combat sports schools that had or have the reputation of training long lasting champions. 

Yet many of these sports only in best case scenario maximize the physical potential of hand to hand combat. The limiting nature of combat sports and individual specialty naturally preclude each one from being suitable for hand to hand combat. 

When they tried to combine mixed martial arts and make it a sport, instead of prioritizing reaching controlling pressure points through the ranges, they just adopted the separate relatively safe sports individually, and without a plan tried to put them together. That gave endless possibilities which most of them are the lesser of the best choice of action.

So in reality you have a lot of great combat sports trainers that went through the orthodox and apprenticeship of individual combat sports, and you also have tons of personal trainers that incorporate some look alike combat sports that they did not study enough into their fitness or pseudo self defense program. There is also vast literature and training videos of all of the above out there.

One of the major marketing tools of getting students is the curriculum vitae of the school instructor.  Another marketing tool is just the school name associated with impressive related name.  Then there is the convenient location, pay, and cleanliness of the training place.

So you have someone that won sports martial arts competitions consistently, or went through the 5-10 year belt system or similar rank recognition thinking or trying to make you think that he can teach you hand to hand combat in either a short period of time or through a life time membership. 

Out of the schools that he has attended, there were not many champions but him and perhaps few others.  So while no two individuals are alike yet you should still ask yourself how the training system is geared to bring everyone in the classroom to competent self defense capabilities, when everything that the champion learned was from an instructor that had other students that never even came close to becoming a champion.

Well while any physical training is healthier than sedentary life, and fighting sports are very demanding training with a lot of fitness involved, not every student is capable of putting in the training time to be the best. Whatsoever, when fitness and sports injuries prevention is the utmost concern of sports, training is geared for the long run.

So the training systems are out there, and there are many variations of them. Great instructors are out there with variations as well. But while only few schools generated specific field champion, many schools generated MMA champions. Why is that?

Keep in mind that all the orthodox training methods involve military style keep your mouth shut and train fitness for the most part. In addition, you would have someone give you an explanation or two. To really prepare someone for competitions they need to be at a level where they individually spar with a training partners combining many of their simplified sparring drills together.  

The more they understand the individual components of controlling the human body of their opponents or training partners first through impact or push and pull leverage, the more they can mimic a good challenging match and how to win it.  But the main reason is that in MMA you have more opportunities to use your expertise in more ranges.  

One of the problems in MMA is that their intsructors learn techniques and drills with less understanding how they correlate and applied properlly.  And with combining separate sports, its almost combining different sized of leggo game without fluid flow in the chain of defense, and without prioritizing when is the best timing to change from one sport to another.  Not having the exact knowledge amounts ot bad timing and more change to lose a fight.  

However, it is clear that if you are going to compete in MMA, and your background is one combat sport or two, you will need to learn the basics of the others to the point that you will have a chance to get to your favorite range safely.  On another note, you don’t have to worry about boxing and karate champions so much because they are so good in their field that they won’t waste their time in MMA.  Yet to learn and train in these combat sports and combine them is not enough to train in hand to hand combat.  There are many soft pressure points that can be easily hit, poked and ripped with devestating varieties of strikes which makes like easier with more lattitude of options in the ranges and angles of body positioning against an opponent.  Then they need to be prioritized to the best choice and students need to learn how to apply the prioritization process getting familiar to a point of second nature with combat navigation in motion.

If you look at the history of martial arts tournaments, sometimes you see an upward trend and sometimes a downward trend. That means good training methods are lost.  When it comes to upward movement and you think about improvement, it could probably be reinvention of the wheel type of "improvement".  Not every trainer is looking around to ensure he is giving the best that is available to his students!  Not every trainer is interested in doing so either...

But really with all these complexities, if you want to learn hand to hand combat, you need an easy to understand structure of the complexities.  The more the training system is organized and documented properly through books and training videos, the more it is consistent and easy to test and master systematically.

Pure Krav Maga is the only training system that gives you transparency and approval to be the best hand to hand combat training system.


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