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Immi Sde Or (Lichtenfeld) -Extensive training in Circus, Jujitsu, Boxing, Fairbairn Knife, Bayonet and Pistol Tactics, British Military Disciplines, and he extracted the Circus out of all realizing the essence of hand to hand combat lies in the split second engagement and must be universal. “I don’t want to fight said Immi – the moment you get rid of your opponent you do not need to fight!".

If someone comes to kill you, rise and kill him first – If you think someone has the intention or the action to come and kill you – kill him first! You don’t fight! You Kill! Extract the Circus Out! Killing should not be entertainment.

Many Martial Arts and Fighting Sports incorporate the entertainment factor. Hard training involves any possible performance to achieve the sports winning goals under its rules which also contribute to the need to excel. Being able to move your body fast over many planes and deliver impact and push and pull leverage navigating quickly around your training partner withstanding long endurance makes you feel good and relaxed and somewhat confident. 

But it is the split second prior to entering the hotzone (the distance where whoever attempts to reach his opponent’s pressure points first with sufficient control power gets an advantage over the other) with the most prioritized approach out of many that determines victory! So the difference between Circus training and hand to hand combat training lies in the essence of self defense.

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