The thought in Krav Maga is that when a person grabs you, the immediate danger is that they might pull or push you using it, either hit you with a head butt or a knee kick, or throw you on the floor or throw your head on the wall. They can also grab you to prevent your escape from a knife stab!  This is why most of the techniques selected for drilling in the grappling section are the ones that respond to this immediate threat.

As for the immediate hit counter attack such as a punch to the face, it is difficult to execute with enough force if he pulls you, because you need your arm to balance your movement. But if you can squeeze his throat or groin on the way and use a soft pressure point for pulling like tearing the neck cartilage or grabbing and squeezing his testicles en route, then it should be your top priority. 

The only time you can kick or punch is when you see him coming. The moment he grabs your neck, he could break the cartilage and the moment he grabs your clothes it can unbalance you, and the moment he grabs your body he can throw you down or lift you first and then throw you down. If you feel him coming to grab your torso and push you, you might hit him in the temple while you fall making a fist with a protruded knuckle ...  Rarely does someone grab your clothes and hesitate before he does anything right away!

Now, the reason we don't use any possible technique for static restraints is because if there was a push or pull motion with the initial grab and you’ve waited to see what kind of grab it is static or non-static, you have  wasted precious time and lost the surprise element to the point in which you may not have enough time to gain the advantage in prevailing.

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