To quickly understand the myths and truths of what is Pure Krav Maga I present a comparative between the Fighting System and the Training System.


-Fighters had trained to be aware to violence; Realization of Consequences; Preparedness to React and Resolve and Reverse Fortunes!

-Prioritization for efficiency and effectiveness.

-Use what you have vs.  looking for what you don’t have.

-Use the tools of the Training System:  Fighters had trained to know their limits of reaching opponents pressure points and manipulating them under the constraint of the reaction time and their limits as well.  Trained in maximizing using Leverage for Impact, and Leverage for Restraint and Escape for manipulating pressure points under the constraint of the human reaction time.  Fighters had trained to follow up attack and defense according to the opponent’s possible follow ups under the constraint of the human reaction time.  Fighters had Mastered Two Hundred techniques and Fifteen Training Drills.


-Two Hundred Techniques and Fifteen Training Drills with Proper warm-up and drilling instructions preventing training injuries done intensively in Five Days of training and repeated several times.  Techniques are methods to reach and block the reach (or grip and tear or restrict airways) and manipulate pressure points during various movement of advance, retreat, or stationary. 

-Techniques are demonstrated, explained when needed to be used and why they are the best options for humans, and drilled in training steps and in whole to maximize the use of the efficient intensive training time reducing and correcting errors to avoid bad habits that can get you killed.  The intensive nature of the training forces control and quality of the complete training process in real time!

YouTube complete course on video
Training Manual
Complete Critical Mental Training


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