Belts are traditional in some commercial Martial Arts Sports! Gigoro Kano the founder of sport of Judo was the first to use the Current Belt Ranking System. Belts are displaying the current rank, level and mastery of the curriculum of a system!
Generally, you go though some favorite, some OK and some shit colors until you get to a black belt which is a nice color! Then you become an artist and delve in combinations of red and white…

But Krav Maga became at his height in the 1980’s a short intensive comprehensive training system in the Israel Defense Forces. The 21 hour core curriculum of walking through soldiers in the step learning and drilling of about 200 techniques and about 15 training drills could have been done without pressure in five days allowing comfortable administrative time and other routine fitness and duties that the IDF commands. Drilling it few times if you are about to become an instructor for the purpose of lesson evaluation and extra time for those that a little less athletically inclined, or suffer from brain overwhelming from small details still did not hurt the military schedule!

So upon conversion of Israel Defense Force Krav Maga to a civilian Hobby, the in place belt marketing of lookalike martial arts came handy to the first two originators but not to the third! The original control method of the training was fairly complex comparing to the belt system but more manageable and prudent! You place a class of 20 soldiers in formation and as an instructor you move to few angles to supervise each of the soldiers being able to execute the training steps to your satisfaction. Drilling 10-20 times each step of a technique not only ensures you register each students progress by the minute to achieve the hourly lesson plan goals, but giving you time to correct each one that is needed before moving to the next training step.

At the end of the 21 hour 200 techniques and 15 drills, you ran through sparring drills with bare hands and weapons to enforce intuitive response to any possible future scenario in hand to hand combat! The training drills using the techniques are like comprehensive mathematical formulae! In sum 5 days training repeated 3 times facilitates a 3 week course with weekends off and plenty of other activities of fitness, administrative and guard duties for soldiers! For very few will have the privilege of becoming instructors in the academy teaching the course few times and if they are smart enough and properly supervised become expert in Krav Maga.

On the other continuum are the actual reviews of the average and above average belt system in a civilian gym. Students are expected to spend 3-5 years with bi weekly hourly lessons to get a black belt. Students and instructor struggle in each test to instruct and execute techniques in reasonable proficiency and speed through each belt and according to the curriculum which is diluted and lethal elements extracted. If you don’t teach and master pressure points and the exact way how to reach them drilling intuitive decision and execution, you are left with waiting to hear a name of a technique and hope your training partner will give you the expected method of attack…
You have about 100 hour top training in the original military course where the intensive technique learning and intensive comprehensive sparring drills are methodically executed and the supervision is critical to achieve the combat ready status!

In the civilian Belt environment, you have about 300- 500 hours of training in 3-5 years before you get a black belt. For every hour of training deduct half for regurgitating warm up and fitness. Another problem of inefficiency with this training method is that some students don’t show up to each class and new people constantly come during the year. Well it’s like a factory, and new students are assigned a mentor to go over some basic techniques and procedures. Not to worry if you can learn Krav Maga in 5 days, then you can bring someone to keep up with the training anytime during the year quickly! The only problem was that it was taught without the lethal elements.

For some reason Immi (Imrich Lichtenfeld) was very peculiar about teaching each strike and kick with its proper combat biomechanics to achieve maximum destructive force. Never same it in civilian Krav Maga schools. It was wage instruction of throwing punches and kicks with minimum emphasize points and minimum correction. After all you would have 5 years to rehearse and unfortunately gain bad habits that God will help you to extract out! Yes even in the IDF you would have occasional shit instructors that yelled commands like a drill sergeant and in the sparring drills tell you to either bleed each other or be careful not to scratch each other with disregards to the holiness of the relevant curriculum and objectives of the course.

So aside from very few people that mastered the Original Complete magic of Krav Maga you had a culture of various actor Guilds developing over few generations calling a fitness class combined with movie combat choreography Krav Maga!

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