I keep getting peer advice to simplify my books and publish self defense for women! I have two books! The first is “Krav Maga – Use Your Body as a Weapon”. The book is about 320 pages with over 1,000 film strip photos and 200 pages of pure text. The second is “The Krav Maga Expert!” This book is about 530 pages of pure text. The first book presents the 21 hour core curriculum of the Israel Defense Forces Krav Maga Training System! 

There are tons of details in the 200 techniques and 15 training drills done over 21 hours. The book programs your mind and the training method will program your body to avoid wasting the last split seconds of your life how to focus on your unseen options and avoid errors falling into a trap. The second book is for those that want to become experts, or those that have difficulties fighting what they learn. It is intended to brain wash you for the same purpose presenting many analytical scenarios leading to the same conclusions! 

Since Krav Maga is designed to comprehensively train humans how to maximize and prioritize their last split seconds during a danger of getting killed in a hand to hand combat confrontation, naturally the easiest route and the best method of maximizing forces of impact and push and pull are taught only. So there is simply no better way a woman or a physically weaker person can use!

So when you tell me why not write self defense for women or simplified book it’s like trying to figure out how to satisfy an evil queen but has nothing to do with the best way to deliver the training to any human man woman or someone that thinks he is the opposite gender! Pure Krav Maga is the most simplified way to train how to defend yourself in any hand to hand combat scenario which can arise during self defense situation. However as simplified as it is, it’s not as simple as taking pills to a disease but more equivalent to surgical training than lifetime maintenance pill!

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