It’s not that hard to kill a person. There is enough media out there that give most people good idea. Element of surprise, vital points bare hands or weapons and there you go. But the idea is to train an average person not to get killed while someone is trying to kill him. Anything can help like fitness strength wisdom decision making and surprise. But if you take all the elements and break them down and compare the human body to a fortress and devise a training plan to break the fortress in full day light while he can try to stop you, then you have a good training system.

The key is efficiency at its maximum and sometimes disguise of intentions until the opponent is trapped. Under the above statement that there are no fights because the system is trained to kill, it’s just a general philosophy without truly examining the training system. Kung Fu training develops strength, and fast movement and striking and kicking.

However, like many other training systems it concentrates more on athletics and agreed upon training methods, that over centuries the doctrine neglects to concentrate on the essence of realistic survival.

Instead of training hours and years in techniques of striking kicking, and athletics, some more thought is needed to the efficiency of the techniques and the tactics in terms of universally addressing attacker’s prioritized reach of opponents’ pressure points and controlling them through them.

The human body is a universal starting point and no matter how you develop it to maximize its potential, if you take two people that had similar physique and tactics and train one of them in more efficient techniques guess who has a greater chance to prevail. So if you take pistol shooting training for the analogy of a training method, the pistol and the bullets are the efficient speedy reach to pressure points. They are consistent in their killing force. What is left is to train the human body in efficient carrying of the weapon and operating it on time by surprise before the opponent is able to foil your plans.

And for any Hand to Hand Combat training systems, besides the training go gain ability to mobilize the weapons which are the hard bones of your body to a strategic reach to opponent's pressure points in the best way possible as if they will try a lesser approach you will have an advantage.

Fighting or sparring is basically drilling how to overcome a threat of either trying to kill someone and stay alive or prevent yourself from getting killed by surprise, and the way to do it is separate the elements and drill them separately in a way that when you need you can combine them together.

In most combat sports you have certain limitations of pressure points preference and range preference and if you don't drill all the ranges and reach methods, you don't have in your school a realistic worthy training partner so your system loses its effectiveness.

Think of drilling a complex bombardment of kicks punches grappling and knives and sticks and in the old days swords from any possible angle and a small error in your strategy or chain of reaction will end your life.

To make it a unique sport and ensure control and hardship training, and to mimic personal attributes and lack of them thereof various combat sports prefer certain ways of doing things i.e. pressure points allowed to reach, methods of reaching them as impact vs. push and pull, contact areas of striking, choking limbs with pressure points, and duration of the round.

If all these limitations are removed and you are resorting to the logical best way to reach and manipulate pressure points, given the natural laws of mathematics you get Krav Maga!

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