What I've noticed is that someone listing teaching various arts as self defense such as Judo Karate Jujitsu and Boxing. I am sure he is not going to have the time to teach the black belt curriculum in each style. 

So you have two styles of punching one style of blocking and one style of punch evasion and two styles of grappling... But it all has to be modified, and in fact these systems had to be modified for the purpose of self defense, as they are some competitive sports and some not so competitive at the time. 

I mean teaching something is better than nothing, and getting a glimpse of varieties of techniques and tactics could open up your horizons, but could also fill your horizon with clutter which will bury you in your attempt to dig something when needed....

So supposedly Krav Maga became the sorted Hand to Hand combat in the 1980's but later a lot of people claim to teach Krav Maga are basically repeating the above experience of someone getting a black belt in some sport and then another black belt in another sport and some extracurricular experience in another sport and picks several techniques to teach self defense and hand to hand combat based on his own preference. 

I mean it’s like reinventing the wheel again...There has to be a good system presented for H2H with arguments why all the other techniques were not selected and whey the techniques selected were modified and I think until someone is not certain of the logic behind the curriculum, one should not learn it as if you attempt to deliver something in a split of a second of danger situation that cannot fit the time span you lost your chance... 

Just an observation and a comment about such "self defense" H2H training delivered in civilian and military and law enforcement setting. Most of the times the organization would pick someone that learnt some form of martial arts or the best related person and give him the position to teach which the administrators of the organization that the course is taught do not have enough knowledge of the subject.
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