Lots of techniques were “developed” against “non resisting opponents”! But this is just a broad description of not the best opponents! What is then a best resisting opponent? Well it’s someone that exhausted all the options available under the constraint of the human reaction time when it comes to Pure Krav Maga. What are all available options then? Well each attack should be realistic attempt to reach an opponent or training partner’s pressure points and demonstrate ability to control them sufficiently to the point the attacker cannot reverse fortunes.

Some techniques are straight forward like Defense and counter attack. Or attack and follow up attacks. But overall the human reaction is the element that limits the number of attacks that can hit the target and gain initial control allowing for further attacks if needed. When weapons are involved they provide extensions to reach the pressure points and therefore a longer travel to reach the attacker while counter attacking is required.  Therefore the counter attack is not exactly simultaneous and the angles of control and approach should be thoughtful!

Finally, it is the range of motion possible of the body arms legs and head and ability to generate sufficient force with its motion quickly enough with the initial and follow up attacks. So when you have a defensive technique against an attack you must consider the reaction time and range of motion when you are moving for your counter attack limiting any possibility for another reversal of fortunes.
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